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PostPosted: Sun Oct 04, 2009 18:13    Post subject: R975 Reply with quote

hi i have an R975-46 (not a tank engine) that i wish to get to ground running condition, first step is to get it of the pallet it is sitting on, can any one help with a dimension of the pcd of the 4 engine mounts ( 4 studs that face the rear ) so i can make a stand for it, i am missing a starter, some exhaust elbows (the finned casting that goes from the head to the exhaust ring) an exhaust ring, a carburettor ,a primer pump, any assistance with manuals etc to get it running would be appricated, i am in australia


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PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2009 02:47    Post subject: Reply with quote

Well interesting 56 views an no info yet, so I will let you know what I found may be of help to the next person, went to a engine run day at the local air craft museum, really enjoyed it , especially hearing a Gnome et Rhône run, spoke to some of the guys at the museum who gave me some advice and suggested a manual from Essco Aircraft in the US so I ordered one via the internet "Service Instructions" good service so I can recommend them, has instructions to run ,shows the special tools needed, lifting points etc.

progress so far

PCD for the dynafocal engine mount is 26.25 inch there are 4 mounts 0.8748-0.8758 ID by 2 in long, from the manual will use this as a basis to make a engine mount, need to make a stand and now know how to safely lift the engine, at the moment it is resting on no.1 cyl head and mags on a pallet, shaft pointing up , not very satisfactory

have a lifting eye that screws on to the nose of the crank a SAE 30 spline found this on eBay from Preferred Airparts in Kidron, Ohio USA i can recommend this supplier

I need

primer pump for fuel, a hand pump ? or is this an electrical solenoid that bleeds from the carb fuel feed in to the superchager impeller ? need to investigate

a mag booster coil, feeds in to the lift hand mag, can I make one from an automotive coil and an osillator to provide the spark ?

realised the oil filter is missing so need to do some thing for that, make an adaptor to take an automotive filter ?

American starters are standardised I think I need one with a 6 inch flange and clockwise rotation a P&W wasp one may fit, may be easier to find

for now if I cant find an exhaust ring, 9 elbows to redirect the exhaust back away from the cylinder head

need to find a carb stromberg bendix QD 9 A 4 but the suggestion was made that one from a P&W or a R975 tank engine will OK for ground running

thats it for now i will add to this post as i find out more feel free to offer any sugestions

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 07, 2009 20:46    Post subject: Reply with quote

I think the safe ways to support a radial engine are either at the mount attach points or the propeller shaft. I have seen some resting on cylinder heads/valvecovers on blocks of wood, its not a good idea.
There are some engine overhaul stands that the propeller shaft was positioned into a recieving hole and clamped. The propeller shaft will support the weight of the complete engine in any position that is desired.
There is a photo of that stand on the AEHS website,Showing Drew Lofthus at some A&P school, it shows him working on the 4360 mounted on the stand.

I have also seen an overhaul stand that uses the engine mount attach points, and they are attached to a large plate with a hole in it for the accessory section to stick through.

As far as your fabricating and wanting dimensions, you may want to invest in some large dial or vernier calipers, you can always attach extensions to reach into areas you need to measure.

Keep us posted on your progress.
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PostPosted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 16:54    Post subject: Reply with quote

got an eclipse aviation 12 volt booster coil, tested it and it works OK, one more piece in the puzzle, will keep up dating this as i go
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