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The Napier Sabre Engine
Part 3: Sub-Assembly and Final Build, Balancing the Impellor Unit, Supercharger and Engine Testing
by J. A. Oates, A.M.I.E.I., M.Inst.Met.

This article first appeared in the Volume 6, Number 68 (June, 1944) issue of Aircraft Production magazine, and is presented here through the kind permission of Flight International. Thanks also to Bruce Vander Mark for furnishing volumes of Aircraft Production for scanning.

This concluding article of a series describing the manufacture of the 24-cylinder Napier Sabre engine deals with various stages o f assembly, balancing, engine building and test house procedure. Assembly, in the ideal sense of the word, consists of merely putting together the various components and should not include hand-fitting operations. The importance of this point has been appreciated by Napier engineers who have skillfully planned the sub-assembly sections to eliminate, as far as possible, all hand-fitting. Another feature is that each section is completely self-contained with its own assembly equipment and test rigs.


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