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The Napier Sabre Engine
Part 2: Machining Operations on the Crankshaft, Connecting Rods, Sleeve and Sleeve Ball
by J. A. Oates, A.M.I.E.I., M.Inst.Met.

This article first appeared in the Volume 6, Number 67 (May, 1944) issue of Aircraft Production magazine, and is presented here through the kind permission of Flight International. Thanks also to Bruce Vander Mark for furnishing volumes of Aircraft Production for scanning.

Continuing with the description of the manufacture of the Napier Sabre II 24-cylinder engine we describe below in detail the production of the six-throw crankshafts, of which two are fitted to each engine. Selected machining operations on other components, such as the connecting rods, sleeve, sleeve ball, and certain minor parts are also dealt with. The concluding installment will describe the assembly of this engine on the unit principle.


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