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The S.U. Carburettor
Part 2: Jets, Needles, Capsules, Testing
by F. C. Shefield

This article first appeared in the Volume 4, Number 48 (October, 1942) issue of Aircraft Production magazine, and is presented here through the kind permission of Flight International. Thanks also to Bruce Vander Mark for furnishing volumes of Aircraft Production for scanning. The first part dealt with the general design features of the instrument. A description was given of machining operations on major components such as the body castings and venturis.

In this part is outlined the specialised technique employed on the production of needles, jets and capsules. A new photo-electric system of gauging, developed by the firm, is described and illustrated. An account is given of the comprehensive series of tests which enable the carburettor to be finally adjusted and dispatched ready for fitting to the engine.


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