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The integration of engine and airframe is always a non-trivial endeavor, and sometimes presents some truly daunting engineering challenges. The myriad plumbing, electrical, mechanical, induction and exhaust connections must be accomplished in a way that is simultaneously functional, reliable, and maintainable.

This section presents some noteworthy engine installations, and details how these challenges were met.

Nacelles, by Carl Kuhns

The Meredith Effect: An Efficient Way to Recover the Heat Wasted in Piston Engine Cooling


Republic P-47 Turbosupercharger Installation
Vought F4U Induction Schematic
Northrop P-61 Induction System
Grumman F6F Induction Schematic
Consolidated B-24 Turbosupercharger Installation
Turbosupercharger Control


de Havilland Comet 2 Engine Installation

Vickers VC10 Engine Installation


Selected Chapters from
1939 Wright Aeronautical Installation Manual

Submitted by Robert Brown


Contents and Preface (1.4 MB PDF)

Section 1, Chapter 1 - Engine Mounts (1.5 MB PDF)

Section 1, Chapter 5 - Induction System (2.6 MB PDF)

Section 1, Chapter 6 - Exhaust Systems (2.2 MB PDF)

Section 1, Chapter 7 - Engine Controls (668 KB PDF)

Section 1, Chapter 8 - Ignition Systems (618 MB PDF)

Section 1, Chapter 9 - Aircraft Engine Accessories (3.5 MB PDF)

Section 2, Chapter 2 - Installation Test Specification (4.4 MB PDF)

Section 2, Chapter 3 - Vibration (1.1 MB PDF)