AEHS Document Collection Catalog Abbreviations

Source/Publisher Abbreviations

 Abbreviation   Source/Publisher 
AC Elec   AC Electronics Division, General Motors Corp
AC Spark Plug   AC Spark Plug Division, General Motors Corp
AccGndSch   Accelerated Ground Schools, Inc
AcmeAero   Acme School of Aeronautics
Addison-Wesley   Addison-Wesley Publishing
Adel   Adel Division General Metals Corp
AAW   Aerial Age Weekly
AAW   Aerial Age Weekly
Aero Pub Gl   Aero Publishers, Inc. Glendale, CA
Aero Pub LA   Aero Publishers, Inc. Los Angeles, CA
Aero Supply   Aero Supply Manufacturing Co, Inc. Corry, PA
Aeromarine   Aeromanine Plane and Motor Co, Keyport, NJ
AeromarineSt   Aeromarine Starter Co, Inc. Keyport, NJ
APC   Aeronautical Products Corp, Naugatuck, CT
MissSt Aero   Aerophysics Department Engineering Research Station, Mississippi State College
Aeroteca   Aeroteca, Barcelona, Spain
AFNCC   Air Force-Navy-Civil Committee
AirPlainsSvc   Air Plains Services Corp
Aircooled   Aircooled Motors Corp, Syracuse, NY
Acft Acc   Aircraft Accessories Corp
Acft Comp   Aircraft Components Inc
AEHS   Aircraft Engine Historical Society, Inc.
AERL   Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory
Acft Eng   Aircraft Engineering
AOPA   Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association Air Safety Foundation
ARC   Aircraft Radio Corp, Boonton, NJ
AiRsrch Ind   AiResearch Industrial Division, Garrett Corp
AiResearch   Airesearch Manufacturing Co, division of the Garrett Corp, Los Angeles, CA
Airlife   Airlife Publications
AWTI   Airlines War Training Institute, Washington, DC
Airmatic   Airmatic Valve, Inc.
Airplane M&S   Airplane Mfg & Supply Corp
Knoph   Alfred A Knoph, New York
Allison Div   Allison Division, General Motors
Allyn & Bacon   Allyn and Bacon Inc
Alcoa   Aluminum Co of America
AA   American Airlines
AA&EC   American Airplane & Engine Corp
AAHS   American Aviation Historical Society Journal
Bosch Am   American Bosch Corp
AIAA   American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Reston, VA
AMS   American Society for Metals
ASTM   American Society for Testing and Materials
ASME   American Society of Mechanical Engineers, New York, NY
AFSSC   Armed Forces Supply Support Center Washington 25, DC
A-S   Armstrong Siddeley Motors Ltd
ASC   Army Air Forces Air Service Command, Fairfield, OH
AAT   Associated Air Transport
Auburn Ign   Auburn Ignition Products
Automotive Ind   Automotive Industries
AvBook   Aviation Book Co
AvEng   Aviation Engineering
Aviation Mag   Aviation Magazine, NYC, NY
AMP   Aviation Maintenance Publishers
APP   Aviation Press Publishers, San Francisco, CA
AvPub   Aviation Publications
AvPubCo   Aviation Publishing Co, NY
AvSem   Aviation Seminars
Axelson   Axelson Aircraft Engine Co, Los Angeles, CA
BMW   Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (Bavarian Motor Works)
Beech   Beech Aircraft Corp, Wichita, KS
Belvoir   Belvoir Publications Inc
Bendix   Bendix Aviation Corp
Bendix Av   Bendix Aviation Corp
Bendix Corp   Bendix Corp, South Bend, IN
Bendix Ener   Bendix Energy Controls Division
Bendix Prod   Bendix Products Division
Berry   Berry Brothers Finishes, Detroit, MI
Borg-Warner   Borg-Warner Corp, Marvel-Schebler/Tillotson Division
Bristol   Bristol Aeroplane Co Ltd
BritAirComm   British Air Commission
BIOS   British Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee
BI-SJ   British Inter-Services Journal
Brown Inst   Brown Instrument Co
Brownback   Brownback Motor Laboraties, NYC, NY
Bruel & Kjaer   Bruel & Kjaer Measuring Systems
BuAer   Bureau Of Aeronautics, U.S. Navy
BAP   Bureau of Aircraft Production (WWI)
Cambridge: UNY   Cambridge: At The Universigy Press NY The Macmillan Co
CC&F   Canadian Car & Foundry Co, Montreal
Cessna   Cessna Aircraft Co
C V   Chance Vought Aircraft Division of United Aircraft Corp
CECO   Chandler-Evans Corp
Ch-Ev Corp   Chandler-Evans Corp. South Meriden, CT
Ch-Ev Div   Chandler-Evans Division of Niles-Bement-Pond, West Hartford 1, CT
Chs Griffin   Charles Griffin and Co, London
CRC   Chemical Rubber Publishing Co
Chevrolair   Chevrolair Motors, Inc.
Chevrolet   Chevrolet Aircraft Corp
ChryslerMD   Chrysler Missile Division
CAAd   Civil Aeronautics Administration
CAAu   Civil Aeronautics Authority
CAB   Civil Aeronautics Board
CIOS   Combined Intelligence Objectives Subcommittee
Comet   Comet Engine Corp, Madison, WI
AAF/Navy/UK   Commanding General, AAF; Chief, Bureau of Aeronautics, Air Council of the UK
CIEA   Consorzio Italiano Esportazioni Aeronautiche, Roma
CMC   Continental Motors Corp
CRC Inc   Coordinating Research Council, Inc
Lockwood   Crosby Lockwood and Son, London
Curtiss   Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Company, Inc
C-W   Curtiss-Wright
Heath   D. C. Heath and Co
Van Nostrand   D. Van Nostrand Co
Dassault   Dassault International
Dayton Acft   Dayton Airplane Engine Co, Dayton, OH
Denison   Denison Engineering Division Columbus, OH
UnivMich Aero   Department of Aerospace Engineering, The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
FAA   Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration
DT Museum   Deutches Museum
Diesel   Diesel Publishing, Badminton, UK
DAC   Douglas Aircraft Co Inc
Dover   Dover Publications, Inc, NY
E&FN Spon   E&FN Spon, London
Eagles   Eagles Edition Ltd, Hamilton MT
EAL   Eastern Airlines, Inc
Eclipse   Eclipse Aviation Corp
EclipseMach   Eclipse Machine Co, East Orange NJ
Eclipse-Pioneer   Eclipse-Pioneer Division Bendix Aviation Corp
EDO   EDO Commercial Corp
EP Inc   Educational Publishers, Inc
Exide   Electric Storage Battery Co, Philadelphia, PA
EX-CELL-O   EX-CELL-O Corp, Detroit 6, MI
EAA   Experimental Aircraft Association
Fairchild   Fairchild (Engine and) Airplane Corp
Falls City   Falls City Flying Service, Louisville, KY
Fletcher   Fletcher Aviation
Flight   Flight Magazine
FSI   Flight Safety International
FSS   Flight Standards Service
FlightSafety   FlightSafety International, Inc
Flying   Flying Magazine
Follmer, Clogg   Follmer, Clogg & Co, Lancaster, PA
Formica   Formica Insulation Co, Cincinati OH
FML   Frederick Muller Ltd, London
Gardner   Gardner Publishing Co, NY
Gen Airmotors   General Airmotors Co, Scranton, PA
GE   General Electric
GM   General Motors Corp
MSFC   George C. Marshall Space Flight Center
Newnes   George Newnes Limited Tower House, Southhampton Street, W.C.2 London
Ginn   Ginn and Co
Globe   Globe Aircraft Specialties, Inc. Montauk, Long Island, New York
G-R   Gnome-Rhone
Goodheart   Goodheart-Wilcox Co Inc, Chicago, IL
Gordon & Breach   Gordon and Breach Science Publishers NY
GrantMar   Grant Marine
Greer   Greer Hydraulics Inc
Halcyon   Halcyon House
Hall-Scott   Hall-Scott Motor Car Co, San Francisco, CA
HamStd   Hamilton Standard Propellers
Harcourt Brace   Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Publishers
Harper   Harper & Brothers
H&F   Harris and Friedrich, Ocean Park, WA
Haskelite   Haskelite Mfg Corp, Chicago, IL
AMC   Headquarters, Air Materiel Command
Heath Acft   Heath Aircraft Corp, Chicago, IL
HMSO   Her/His Majesty\'s Stationary Office
H-S   Hispano-Suiza
Historical Office, AMC   Historical Office, Air Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Dayton, OH
Holley   Holley Carburetor Co
H-T   Hurley-Townsend Corp
Hydro-Aire   Hydro-Aire Co Inc, Brubank, CA
IP   Institute Press, Gardena, CA
IMechE   Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Int Nickel   Internation Nickel Co, NYC, NY
Irvin   Irvin Air Chute Co, Buffalo, NY
J&H   Jack & Heintz Precision Industries, Inc
Jaeger   Jaeger Watch Co, New York, NY
Wiley   John Wiley & Sons, Inc
JANAF   Joint Army, Navy and Air Force
Junkers   Junkers Flugzeug- und Motorenwerke AG
Ken Cook Co   Ken Cook Co, Milwaukee, WI
Kimball   Kimball Aircraft Corp, Naugatuck, CT
Lambert   Lambert Engine and Machine Co, Moline IL
Langley   Langley Memorial Aeronautical Laboratory
Lear-Romec   Lear Siegler, Romec Division, Elyria, OH
Lear   Lear, Inc Learcal Div, Los Angeles, CA
Parkinson   Leslie R. Parkinson
Ltd   Limited
Linde   Linde Air Products Co
Lindsay   Lindsay Publications, Inc.
Link   Link Aviation Devices, Inc
Little, Brown   Little, Brown and Co
Litton   Litton Aero Products
Lockheed   Lockheed Aircraft Corp
Lorenzen   Lorenzen Propeller Co, Niles MI
Luscombe   Luscombe Airplane Corp, Dallas, TX
Lycoming Av   Lycoming Division, Avco Manufacturing Corp, Williamsport, PA
Lycoming Mfg   Lycoming Manufacturing Co, Williamsport, PA
Lynn   Lynn Publishing Co
Macmillan   Macmillan Company, New York, NY
MPL   Macmillan Press Ltd, London
MSFC AVOp   Marshall Space Flight Center Audio/Video Operation
Marvel   Marvel-Schebler Carburetor Division of Borg-Warner Corp
McCulloch   McCulloch Corp
McProperties   McCulloch Properties
MDAC-W   McDonnell Douglas Astronautics Company - West
McGraw-Hill   McGraw-Hill Book Co
MEPL   Mechanical Engineering Publications Ltd, London
Menasco   Menasco Manufacturing Co
Metal Props   Metal Propellers Ltd, Croydon, Surrey
MiAeroEng   Michigan Aero-Engine Corp, Lansing MI
MAC   Military Airlift Command
MPC   Milwaukee Parts Corp
MM&I   Modern Mechanics and Inventions
Mono   Mono Aircraft, Inc, Moline, IL
Mosler   Mosler Metal Products Corp, Mount Vernon, NY
NASA STIC   NASA Scientific and Technical Information Branch
NACA   National Advisory Committee on Aeronautics
NatAero   National Aero Corp, NYC, NY
NAA   National Aeronautic Association
NASA   National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NAC   National Aeronautics Council, New York, NY
NAPA   National Air Pilots Association, Cleveland, OH
NAL   National Airlines
NASC   National Association of Spotters Clubs
NBS   National Bureau of Standards
NGI   National GeospatiaI-Intelligence Agency
NASC   Naval Air Systems Command
New Era   New Era Publishing Co Ltd
Northrop   Northrop (Aeronautical Institute/Institute of Technology), McGraw-Hill
NWA   Northwest Airlines
Otterbein   Otterbein Press
PacAuto   Pacific Automotive Corp
Packard   Packard Motor Car Company
PAA   Pan American Airways
Pan Am Nav   Pan American Navigation Service
Parker   Parker Appliance Co, Cleveland, OH
PSL   Patrick Stephens Limited
Wilkinson   Paul H. Wilkinson
PCA   Pennsylvania Central Airlines
Pesco   Pesco Products Co
Pesco Div   Pesco Products Division, Borg-Warner Corp, Bedford, OH
PhyToday   Physics Today
Pioneer   Pioneer Instrument Co, Brooklyn, NY
Pitman   Pitman Publishing Corp
P&W   Pratt & Whitney Aircraft (Division of United Technologies))
Prentice-Hall   Prentice-Hall, Inc
Prime   Prime Printing, Dayton, OH
Curtiss Prop   Propeller Dept, Curtiss Aeroplane Division
R. G. Brown   R. G. Brown Associates, Inc
RSA   Redstone Arsenal, Huntsville, AL
Reynolds   Reynolds Metals Co
Ricardo   Ricardo and Company
Ricardo Cons   Ricardo Consulting Engineers Ltd/PLC
R-RHT   Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust
R-RHT, DH   Rolls-Royce Heritage Trust, Darby & Hucknall Branch
Romec   Romec Pump Co
RAeS   Royal Aeronautical Society
RFC   Royal Flying Corps
Ryan   Ryan Aeronautical Co, San Diego, CA
SAAMA   SAAMA Maintenance Engineering Services Division, Kelly AFB, TX
Sanderson   Sanderson Films, Inc
Sankaido   Sankaido Co Ltd
SaturnAir   Saturn Airways
SciMus   Science Museum, HMSO
Scintilla   Scintilla Magneto Division of Bendix Aviation Corp
SecAF   Secretary of the Air Force
Shell RL   Shell Oil Co, Wood River Research Laboratories
Shell Oil   Shell Oil Products Company, Houston, TX
S & H   Siemens & Halske
Sim-Board   Simmons-Boardman
SME   SME Publications
SIP   Smithsonian Institution Press
NASM   Smithsonian Institution Press, Washington DC
Soaring   Soaring Magazine, Soaring Society of America, Inc, Dallas, TX
SSA   Soaring Society of America, Inc, Dallas, Texas
Lorraine   Societe des Moteurs et Automobiles Lorraine
S.G.A.   Societe Generale Aeronautique
SAE   Society of Automotive Engineers
SP Collectors   Spark Plug Collectors of America
Sperry   Sperry Gyroscope Co
Stabilmento   Stabilmento Grafico Editoriale Patron, Bologna, Spain
STANOLIND   Standard Oil Co (Indiana)
SW   Stewart-Warner Corp
SAC   Strategic Air Command
Stromberg   Stromberg Motor Devices Co, Chicago, IL
Summerill   Summerill Tubing Company
Sunbeam   Sunbeam Motor Car Co Ltd
Switlik   Switlik Mfg Co, Trenton, NJ
TCA   Technical Copyrighters of America, Detroit, Michigan
TCM   Teledyne Continental Motors
Teledyne Ind   Teledyne Industries, Inc. Mobile, AL
Temple   Temple Press Ltd
TennDoT   Tennessee Department of Transportation
Lycoming Tex   Textron Lycoming, Williamsport, PA
BG   The BG Corp
BrAl   The British Aluminum Co Ltd
Bruce   The Bruce Publishing Co
AED   The Bulletin of the Airplane Engineering Department, War Department, Bureau of Aircraft Production, McCook Field, Dayton, Ohio
Campbell   The Campbell Co, San Diego, CA
Cuno   The Cuno Enginering Corp, Meriden, CT
Martin Motors   The Glenn L Martin Motors Co
Industral Press   The Industral Press
Lincoln   The Lincoln Electric Co
Maple   The Maple Press Co
New Home   The New Home Library NY
NewcomenSoc   The Newcomen Society in North America NY
Ronald   The Ronald Press Company
T-M   Thomas-Morse Aircraft Corp
Thompson   Thompson Products, Inc, Cleveland, OH
Titan Pump   Titan Pump and Engineering Corp, Novi, MI
MADTS   Training Section, Middletown Air Depot
TWA   Trans-World Airlines
AAF   U.S. Army Air Forces
USAASL   U.S. Army Air Service Lighter than Air Section
DoCAB   U.S. Department of Commerce Aeronautics Branch
CAA   U.S. Dept of Commerce, Civil Aeronautics Administration
GPO   U.S. Government Printing Office
WarDept   U.S. War Department
UA   United Aircraft Corp
UnitedAE   United Aircraft Export
UAP   United Aircraft Products, Inc, Dayton, OH
UKNA   United Kingdom National Archives
USAF   United States Air Force
USAAC   United States Army Air Corps
USAAS   United States Army Air Service
US Navy   United States Navy
USNAvSS   United States Navy Aviation Service Schools
UTC   United Technologies Corp
UniversalAL   Universal Airlines
UPS AvTec   UPS Aviation Technologies Inc
V-S   Vought-Sikorsky Club
WTS   War Training Service Program, Stockton, CA
Warner   Warner Aircraft Corp, Detroit, MI
WFP   Weak Force Press, Huntsville, AL
WAL   Western Airlines
Weston   Weston Electrical Instrument Corp, Newark, NJ
Wetzel   Wetzel Publishing Co
Wings Club   Wings Club, New York City
Whittaker   Wm. R. Whittaker Co, Ltd
World's   World's Motor Co, Bloomington, IL
WAC   Wright Aeronautical Corp
WACSD   Wright Aeronautical Corp, Service Division
WAD   Wright Aeronautical Division of Curtiss-Wright
W-M   Wright-Martin Aircraft Corp, New Brunswick, NJ
Wright-Tuttle   Wright-Tuttle Aircraft Motors Corp., Anderson, Indiana


Record Type Abbreviations

 Abbreviation   Full Text 
Film, VHS, DVD   16mm Film, VHS and DVD
Film Strip   35mm Film Strip
Film Strip, Audio   35mm Film Strip with Audio
Carousel   35mm Slide Carousel
IPC   Illustrated Parts Catalog
NACA RM   NACA Research Memorandum
NACA TM   NACA Technical Memorandum
NACA TN   NACA Technical Note
NACA TR   NACA Technical Report
NACA WR   NACA Wartime Report
NASA CR   NASA Contractor Report
NASA SP   NASA Special Publication
NASA TN   NASA Technical Note
NASA TR   NASA Technical Report
NASA TT   NASA Technical Translation


Other Abbreviation

 Abbreviation   Full Text 
M, MX- (Remark)   A security-classified Air Corps/Forces project number.
Add, Addm   Addendum
Acft   Aircraft
Co   Company
Corp   Corporation
dwg(s)   drawing(s)
Inc   Incorporated
Retake (Remark)   Indicates a second microfilm copy to replace a problematical first.
Lab(s)   Laboratory/Laboratories