USAF Engineering Division Finding Aid

USAF Engineering Division records vary considerably in content. This, in conjunction with the long period over which the records were accumulated, suggests that several of the record collections should have unique finding aids.

The search strategy outlined below helps researchers to rapidly identify subjects of interest and to quickly produce the information necessary to view the actual records.


  1. Begin by searching across ALL Engineering Division Correspondence and Organizations using one or more keywords that might uniquely identify the object of your search. Try not to be too specific or your search results may exclude citations that are misspelled or spelled differently. For example, "1820" would be preferable to "R-1820-97" because the latter would exclude "R-1820", "R1820" and "Wright 1820" from the search results.
  2. Once you have some idea of what the results set contains, you might refine your search further by performing more detailed searches within specific organizations. The data produced by detailed searches varies from one organization to another, but once you are familiar with the techniques described below, you should have no trouble applying what you have learned to any organization.
  3. Instructions for Searching Across ALL Engineering Division Correspondence and Organizations
  4. Instructions for Searching the Correspondence (aka Sarah Clark) File Documents
  5. Instructions for Searching Other Organizations Not Otherwise Listed Here
  6. Instructions for Searching Power Plant Laboratory Documents
  7. Instructions for Searching Air Force Technical Museum Documents
  8. Instructions for Searching Flight Test Divison, Aircraft Laboratory and Power Plant Laboratory Memorandum Reports.
  9. Instructions for Searching Propeller Laboratory Memorandum Reports