Valley Engineering (US)

Valley Engineering, LLC was founded during 1998 in Rolla, Missouri by Gene Smith and his son, Larry Smith, to manufacture and market double and triple cog-belt-driven Propeller Speed Reduction Units (PSRU) for VW auto engines that have been converted to aircraft engines. Their PSRU had been under development since about 1993. Available Valley PSRU are geared to 0.405, 0.5, 0.520, 0.625, and 0.769. The firm has two other divisions, Culver Propellers and RanchAir, also located at Rolla. The firm also builds, to customers' specific requirements, complete firewall-forward VW conversions of Type 1 VW engines of 1600-2276cc displacement. Valley has worked since 1999 with Great Plains Aircraft Supply, which now sells Valley PSRU for use on Great Plains engines. RanchAir is the division which builds light aircraft of their own design, but for which they do not sell plans or kits at the present time. The RanchAir designs are listed below for specific engine applications. Valley purchased the assets of Culver Propellers in 2001 and moved that business to Rolla from Galeton, Pennsylvania. Information presented below has been obtained from the References and from the Valley Engineering Website and the Culver Props Website. The engines listed below are those for which applications are known.

O-117 - - {3.701 / 2.717 / 116.9} / {94 / 69 / 1915}

Same bore as O-139.

4cyl; Valley 1915cc; N/A@3000-3400 (Cruise), N/Ahp@3600-4000rpm (TO) ; 1993-present; Wt = N/A.
Carbureted engine geared to N/A by a Valley PSRU.
Valley Engineering & Culver Websites.
Applications: (US) RanchAir (Valley) 14sky.

O-139 - - {3.701 / 3.228 / 138.9} / {94 / 82 / 2276}

Same bore as O-117.

4cyl; Valley 2276cc; N/A@3000-3400 (Cruise), N/Ahp@3600-4000rpm (TO); 1998-present; Wt = N/A.
Carbureted engine geared to N/A by a Valley PSRU.
KP5/04; SP10/04; Valley Engineering & Culver Websites.
Applications: (US) RanchAir (Valley) biplane, 19USA monoplane; Starks (Dick) Taube replica.



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