Argus (Germany)

Argus Motoren Gesellschaft was founded in 1906 as a subsidiary of the automobile manufacturer Henri Jeannin and also built Argus aircraft engines through WWI. From 1919, they built engines for non-aircraft applications and became a subsidiary of the Horch automobile firm. In 1926, they resumed aircraft engine development, mostly of the inverted in-line and inverted V configurations. The engine here is the only HOAE that the firm built.

O-122 -- {3.228 / 3.740 / 122.5} / {82 / 95 / 2007}

4cyl; As 16; 35hp@2390rpm, 40@2500 (TO); 1932; Wt = 150#.
Single-ignition engine comparable in size and performance to its contemporary, the Continental O-110 (A-40), as pointed out by Herschel Smith (S). Note that in the references, both Ae39 & S give the displacement incorrectly (as twice that above) and Smith also gives the number of cylinders incorrectly as two. The description in Ae39 clearly is for a four-cylinder engine. Both sources agree on the bore and stroke, so the numbers given in this compilation seem to be consistent and are correct for a four-cylinder engine with this bore and stroke.
Ae39; S.
Applications: None found.


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