Soviet Gas Turbines

Photos from Hajnal Sándor from Szolnok, Hungary, creator of the,
which is mostly about the Aero-Museum of Szolnok


Isotov GTD-350

Free-turbine engine for Mil Mi-2 helicopter (and for experimental vehicles in the Soviet Army)
Pn = 300 hp H = 3,000m, v = 0
Pn2 = 320 hp H = 3,000m, v = 200 km/h
Pmax = 437 hp in ideal conditions
Nkt = 45,000 /min nominal of compressor-turbine
Nft = 24,000 /min nominal of free turbine
Contructor: S.P. Isotov
First flown 22 September 1961 in a Mi-2 with two engines installed.
Later the production was given to PZL in Poland, which continuously modernised the engine.
The last version was the GTD-350W with 425 hp nominal power.




Fejès (pronounced fayesh) Experimental Aero Engine in Repülőmúzeum of Szolnok (Aero-Museum of Szolnok)

The Fejès experimental engine, with a rated power of 70 hp at 1,470 rpm,  was made in Hungary in the 1920s. It was unique in that the crankcase and cylinders, usually castings, were instead made by welding iron and steel sheets and tubes. This procedure was a patent of Hungarian engineer Mr. Jenő Fejes (see US Patent No. 1,640,781). He hoped his idea would reduce weight, but it was too early as the welding processes of the time were not suitably advanced. Deformation and breakage of the welded parts resulted in low reliability. Additionally, its power-to-weight ratio was less than ideal, but it was still used experimentally a Szebeny-Asbóth type monoplane.
Later this kind of engine was used successfully in ASCOT-branded small trucks in England. (Anyone know more of this application?)



Ivchenko AI-26V with the Powerpack of Mi-1 Helicopter

AI-26V 7-cylinder radial piston engine, 20.6 litres, 460/574 hp, weight 450 kg
Pictured here is the engine with its cooling fan and main reductor of Mi-1 helicopter. This equipment, after running out his active life, functioned as a training piece for technicians in the Hungarian Army.
This nice object is in Repulomuzeum Szolnok, Hungary. This Museum is my favourite place. It is five minutes from my house so I visit it often. It is very poor, like most museums in Hungary nowadays, but it has the complete MiG family ever flown in Hungary (Po-2, Il-18, Il-28, etc.) It also has about 20 piston and jet engines, with some curiosities, like Siemens Sh-13A, AI-21, AI-26V and so on. They are not rich people, but they have treasures!



Ivtchenko AI-20M

The Soviet turboprop engine of the legendary Ilyushin IL-18 and some other planes. This well-executed cross-section can be found in the Transport Museum of Budapest.