Canadian Aviation and Space Museum, Ottawa

Photos from Jim Buckle

According to Jim, "These photos were taken at the National Aviation Museum (now the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum) in Ottawa. Although the Bristol Hercules is impressive, nothing can rival the Napier Sabre!"

The Napier Sabre VII (in photo) was capable of 3,500 hp @ 3,850 rpm @ sea level with 20 psi boost and water/methanol injection. The Sabre is a 24 cylinder H engine with sleeve valves. Displacement is 2,240 in3 (36.65 litres).

The Bristol Hercules XVI was capable of 1,715 hp @ 2,900 rpm @ 6,500 ft with 8.25 psi boost. The Hercules has 14 cylinders in two rows. Displacement is 2,360 in3 (38.7 litres).

(The stats are from Alec Lumsden's British Piston Aero-Engines and Their Aircraft.)