Zenoah (Japan)

Zenoah engines are designed and built by Komatsu Zenoah Company of Tokyo, Japan. The firm began operations in 1910 as Tokyo Gasu Denki (Tokyo Gas & Electric) and has built aircraft engines intermittently since about 1915. During WWII, it operated as Hitachi Aircraft Co. and became Xenoah in 1950. The present firm has been a subsidiary of Komatsu, Ltd. since October 1, 1979. The ultralight HOAE described below is one type of a family that includes single-cylinder and inline three-cylinder engines. These engines were derived from Zenoah snowmobile engines and are distributed in the US by Tennessee Propellers, Inc.

O-30 (2-Stroke) -- {2.835 / 2.343 / 29.6} / {72 / 59.5 / 485}

2cyl; Zenoah G50C, G50D, G50D-FW; 48hp@5800rpm; 1985-present; Wt = 47-90#.
All have dual capacitive-discharge ignition and rpm reduction to 0.385 or 0.476 by belt. The G50C is air cooled by a fan and weighs 90#; the G50D and G50D-FW are free-air cooled and weigh 47#; the G50D-FW is mounted directly on the firewall.
BGP; J85-86toJ86-87; KP4/00, 4/01, 4/02, 4/03.
Applications: (US) Ameriplanes Mitchell Wing A-10B trike; Eagles Wing Scout powered parachute; Ison (formerly TEAM) 1200Z, 1300Z, 1400Z; Phoenix Sport powered parachute.


Updated 2/20/08