Wolverine (US)

Wolverine engines were built, probably, by Wolverine Aeronautic Co. in Albion, Michigan. The firm designed and produced kits for two biplanes powered, probably, by the two-stroke cycle engine listed below (aerofiles.com). It should be mentioned that there was a Wolverine Motor Works building marine engines in Grand Rapids, Michigan until 1906 and thereafter in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

O-200 (2-Stroke) -- {5.118 / 4.921 / 202.5} / {130 / 125 / 3318}

2cyl; Wolverine; 25-30hp@N/A rpm; 1910-1913; Wt = 130#; TC = none.
Single magneto ignition.
aerofiles.com; J1912.
Applications: (US) Biplane (26-ft span with 25hp); Biplane (30-ft span with 30hp).


Updated 4/11/06