Westermayer (Austria)

Oskar Westermayer of Poysbruun, Austria modified a Continental O-200A engine and test flew it in a Cessna 150. The principal difference from the air-cooled Continental was new cylinder heads cooled by ethylene glycol with the accompanying coolant pump and air radiator. The relationship, if any, between Westermayer's modification and Continental's own development of the Continental OL-200 is unknown to the compiler. Westermayer's modification to an existing air-cooled engine also seems to be similar to what Liquid Cooled Air Power (US) has made more recently to the Lycoming O-360. Westermayer is also known for adapting VW 1600cc auto engines for aircraft use, including the Austrian Brditschka HB-21 powered glider. A description of the VW 1600cc can be found in VW (Germany). The Type Certificate (TC) listed below as LBA refers to certification by the Luftfahrt Bundesamt (Federal Office of Civil Aviation), the German equivalent of the FAA in the US. Certification is to the European JAR requirements.

OL-200 -- {4.0625 / 3.875 / 200.9} / {103.2 / 98.4 / 3292}

4cyl; W5/33; 100hp@2750rpm; 1989-1992; Wt = 187#; LBA TC = 4589.
Liquid-cooled, dual-ignition engine.
BGP; J89-90toJ92-93.
Applications: (US) Cessna 150 testbed.



Updated 8/19/05