Walter (Czechoslovakia; Czech Republic)

The Walter engine firm (A. S. Walter Tovarny na automobily a letecke motory) of Prague-Jinonice, Czechoslovakia was founded in 1896 to build automobiles and motorcycles. The firm was well known up to 1938 for their aircraft engines (principally radials, inverted Vees, and upright and inverted inlines). From 1938 to 1945, Walter was integrated into the manufacturing industries of Nazi Germany. After WWII, Walter became part of the nationalized Czech aircraft and aircraft engine industry, the Motorlet organization. Since 1995, the former Motorlet has been known as Walter, A.S. This present-day Walter firm continues as an important engine developer and manufacturer of both piston and gas turbine engines. A pre-WWII engine and a contemporary two-stroke cycle engine are their only HOAEs.

[As an aside, the air-cooled, inverted, inline engine known as the Walter Mikron, the name of which dates from the 1930s, is now produced by the Parma-Technik firm (known until very recently as Aerotechnik) in the Czech Republic. The air-cooled, inverted, inline engine known as the Walter Minor, in four- and six-cylinder versions, the name of which also dates from the 1930s, is now built in the Czech Republic by the LOM firm. The North American distributor for the Mikron and Minor engines is Moravia, Inc. of Canada, while historical material on their development can be found at the Hatz Website. Another reference is KP11/02.]

O-66 -- {3.346 / 3.780 / 66.5} / {85 / 96 / 1090}

2cyl; Atom; 25hp@2600rpm, 28@3000 (TO); 1937-1941; Wt = 88#.
Dual-ignition, two-carburetor engine.
Ae39 & Ae41; S.
Applications: None found.

O-41 (2-Stroke) -- {3.228 / 2.520 / 41.3} / {82 / 64 / 676}

2cyl; M 202; 45hp@N/Arpm, 65@6300 (TO); 1995-present; Wt = 79#.
Single-ignition engine, geared to 0.373; certificated to Czech L8/S and European JAR requirements.
BGP; J95-96to present.
Applications: (Czech Republic) Aero Vodochody Hroch; Conair MAT-20; Orlican M7 Ornis; MF-1 Vazka; ZA-1.


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