Wackett (Australia)

Squadron Leader L. J. (later Sir Lawrence) Wackett of the RAAF designed the following HOAE at Randwick, NSW, Australia. Wackett is best known for his many aircraft designs built in Australia. He designed this Wackett engine and the Warbler aircraft for an Australian light aeroplane competition held in December 1924 at Richmond, NSW. Wackett mentions this engine and aircraft in his autobiography (LJW).

O-91 -- {N/A / N/A / 91} / {N/A / N/A / 1490}

2cyl; Wackett ; 25-30hp@N/A rpm; 1924; Wt = 89#.
Similar to motorbike engines of that time; based on the monosoupape (single valve) principle utilized by the French Gnome firm and others for WWI rotary engines; worked sufficiently well to enable the Warbler to fly at an altitude of 5000 ft.
Ae39; LJW.
Applications: (Australia) Wackett Warbler.


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