Verner (Czech Republic)

Verner engines are designed and built by the Verner Motors Factory of Sumperk, Czech Republic. In about 1998, the firm began to develop two-cylinder, four-stroke cycle aircraft engines. Information can be found on the Verner Website, which lists their dealers all over the world, including the Websites of their US affiliates, Apex Aviation, Central Florida Flyers, and FlyDiver LLC. The VM 1400 is no longer in production, but the 133MK is. Upgrades of the VM 1400 into a 133MK are available, as are conversions of the QD-1400 discussed on the Compiler's Q-Drive Webpage. The relationship between the VM 1400 and the QD-1400 is unknown to the Compiler.

O-81 -- {3.819 / 3.543 / 81.2} / {97 / 90 / 1330}

2cyl; Verner 133M; 68hp@4000rpm, 78@5000 (TO); 2002-present; Wt = 142#.
Dual carburetors and dual capacitive-discharge ignition; internally geared to 0.5; a later version is the 133MK, which is rated at 70hp@4200rpm, 84@5500 (TO) and is available with internal gearing to 0.437 or 0.5.
J02-03to present; KP4/03, 4/05.
Applications: (Czech Republic) Apex Trike (distributed in US by Apex Aviation). (US) Slipstream Industries Genesis.

O-85 -- {3.701 / 3.937 / 84.7} / {94 / 100 / 1388}

2cyl; VM 1400, SVS 1400; 70hp@4000rpm, 80@5000 (TO); 1998-2004; Wt = 165#.
Dual carburetors and dual capacitive-discharge ignition; geared to 0.455, 0.5, or 0.532 by cogbelt.
J99-00to present; KP8/01, 4/02, 4/03.
Applications: (Canada) Murphy Renegade; (Czech Republic) Interplane Skyboy; Let-Mont UL Tulak, UL Piper; (US) Flynn Aerotug; New Kolb Mk III; Merlin GT; RANS S6 Coyote & Coyote II, S7, S12; Slipstream Genesis.


Updated 1/5/06