VairForce (US)

VairForce of Edgewater, Florida was founded in 2007 and is operated by Kevin Fahy. The firm converts and sells Corvair O-170 engines for aircraft use. Fahy formerly worked with William Wynne at The Corvair Authority (TCA) and left amicably after Wynne moved to Orange Park, Florida and reorganized his business. VairForce is still operating from the facility that TCA formerly used and builds engines with TCA parts and procedures. Fahy has been building Corvair conversions since 1997 and claims to have personally built more flying Corvair engines than anyone else. VairForce is listed in the Kitplanes Magazine 2008 Engine Buyer's Guide (KP3/08). Further information can be found on the VairForce Website and about the founding of VairForce on the TCA Website in the "At The Hangar" reports for August and September 2007.

O-170 - - {3.500 / 2.937 / 169.5} / {88.9 / 74.6 / 2778}

6cyl; 170 cid Corvair; 100hp@3300; 2007-present; Wt = 218#.
Air-cooled, carbureted, direct-drive engine, which was derived by TCA from the Corvair O-165 by an increase in bore.
Applications: None found.



Updated 5/21/08