VM Motori (Italy)

VM Motori s.p.a. of Cento (near Bologna), Italy is a major developer and manufacturer of turbocharged diesel engines. In the late 1980s and early 1990s they developed the series of HOAE described below. In 1995, VM Motori was acquired by Detroit Diesel Corporation of Detroit, Michigan. In turn, DDC was acquired in 2000 by Daimler-Chrysler. VM Motori is now known as DDC Cento. Details of the company can be found on the Detroit Diesel Website. VM Motori is still active in many aspects of diesel-engine applications, but not in aircraft engines. However, the Voronezhskoyeoptyno-Konstruktorskoye Byuro Motorostroeyeniya (VOKBM) in Voronezh, Russia has acquired a license from VM Motori and is in the process of setting up production of the VM TPJ 1304 HF described below. An outline of the five-year plan for VOKBM to bring the engine into production could be found until recently on the internet. VOKBM is well known for piston engine production including the well-known M-14 radial.

OL-355 (Diesel) -- {5.118 / 4.331 / 356.4} / {130 / 110 / 5840}

Same bore and stroke as OL-535, OL-715.

4cyl; VM TPJ 1304 HF; 206hp@2640rpm; 1987-present; Wt = 408#.
Liquid-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine.
BGP; J89-90to present.
Applications: (Russian Federation) Myasishchev M-101T Gzhel (projected application).

OL-535 (Diesel) -- {5.118 / 4.331 / 534.6} / {130 / 110 / 8760}

Same bore and stroke as OL-355, OL-715.

6cyl; VM TPJ 1306 HF; 315hp@2640rpm; 1987-1994; Wt = 536#.
Liquid-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine.
BGP; J90-91to present.
Applications: None found.

OL-715 (Diesel) -- {5.118 / 4.331 / 712.8} / {130 / 110 / 11,680}

Same bore and stroke as OL-355, OL-535.

8cyl; VM TPJ 1308 HF; 424hp@2640rpm; 1987-1994; Wt = 657#.
Liquid-cooled, turbocharged diesel engine.
BGP; J91-92to present.
Applications: None found.


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