UltraVair (US)

UltraVair Aviation LLC of Cedar Rapids, Iowa developed a 1/3 Corvair engine based on the Corvair O-165 and has test flown it in a Milholland Legal Eagle ultralight aircraft. The firm was founded by Fletcher Burns who had originally considered development of another 1/3 Corvair engine based on the smaller Corvair versions, but with the Corvair cylinders and pistons replaced by 94mm (bore) VW cylinders and pistons. Information on both engines could formerly be found on a Website that the firm operated. All of these engines are non-certificated engines for use in experimental, homebuilt aircraft. It was reported, on The Corvair Authority (TCA) Website in the "At The Hangar" reports for January 2008 and subsequent months, that TCA reached an agreement with Burns in December 2007 to develop further and market the 1/3 Corvair conversions. A conversion manual could be purchased from UltraVair at one time and is reportedly being updated for publication by TCA.

O-55 - - {3.4375 / 2.937 / 54.6} / {87.3 / 74.6 / 894}

2cyl; 1/3 Corvair O-165; 35hp@3500rpm (TO); 2003-present; Wt = 80#.
Air-cooled, direct-drive engine modified from the Corvair O-165 with a 34mm Mikuni carburetor for each cylinder.
KP10/04; SA(ads beginning 1/04); SP11/04.
Applications: (US) Milholland Legal Eagle ultralight.

O-56 - - {3.701 / 2.600 / 55.9} / {94 / 66 / 916}

2cyl; 1/3 Corvair/VW O-140, O-145; 35hp@N/A rpm (TO); 2004-present; Wt = N/A.
Air-cooled, direct-drive engine which was considered for development as reported on their former Website; modified from the Corvair O-140 or O-145 versions. Conversion includes replacing the Corvair pistons and cylinders with 94mm (bore) VW cylinders and pistons, apparently like the SC Performance and The Corvair Authority Corvair O-165 conversions which create the Corvair/VW O-190.
Applications: None found.



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