ULPower (Belgium)

ULPower Aero Engines, with an office in Roosdaal, Belgium, have developed a modern horizontally-opposed engine for light aircraft. Details of the engine, which was displayed in the US during Sun'n'Fun and Oshkosh in 2007, can be found in Tim Kern's article (KP11/07). The firm has a US distributor, ULPower North America, with a link on the very complete and up-to-date ULPower Website.

O-156 -- {4.157 / 2.913 / 158.2} / {105.6 / 74 / 2592}

4cyl; UL260i; 95hp@3300rpm; 2004-present; Wt = 159#.
Direct drive; Dual, electronically-controlled ignition and multiport fuel injection within a standard-equipment FADEC system.
KP11/07; SA9/07; ULPower Website.
Applications (country of owner): (Belgium) Lambert Mission M106; Storch HS. (France) Hanuman; LH Aviation LH-10 Ellipse pusher. (Ireland) Samba XXL. (New Zealand) Micro Aviation Bantam. (South Africa) Apollo Fox. (Spain) S.E.5 (replica of WWI Royal Aircraft Factory fighter). (UK) Escapade.


Updated 12/17/07