The Corvair Authority, TCA (US)

The Corvair Authority (TCA) of Orange Park, Florida has been operated by William Wynne since 1991. The firm has developed and sells a conversion manual that covers the Corvair O-165, O-170, and O-190 engines and formerly sold a limited number of completed engine conversions. A great deal of information about their conversions and operational philosophy can be found on The Corvair Authority Website, which also includes applications to various aircraft. TCA also operates "Corvair College" sessions (KP11/01) periodically for aircraft builders and Corvair converters to obtain hands-on experience working with the engines; see also Patrick Panzera's Corvaircraft Website. All of these engines are non-certificated engines for use in experimental, homebuilt aircraft. William Wynne also serves the EAA by responding to questions addressed to the EAA's "Sport Pilot & Light Sport Aircraft" (SP) magazine regarding Corvair conversions.

An amicable agreement between The Corvair Authority and former TCA engine builder Kevin Fahy has led to the formation of a new firm, VairForce. This is Fahy's firm in Edgewater, Florida with its VairForce Website. VairForce builds and markets 170 cid Corvair engines with TCA parts and procedures (KP3/08). It was reported, on The Corvair Authority (TCA) Website in the "At The Hangar" reports for January 2008 and subsequent months, that TCA reached an agreement with Fletcher Burns in December 2007 to develop further and market the 1/3 Corvair conversions begun in 2003 by UltraVair.

O-165 - - {3.4375 / 2.937 / 163.5} / {87.3 / 74.6 / 2680}

Same stroke as O-170, O-190.

6cyl; 164 cid Corvair; 90hp@3000rpm, 100hp@3200 (TO); 1991-present; Wt = 220-225#.
Air-cooled, direct-drive engine with a partly redundant ignition system (all but dual plugs) (KP6/03).
KP11/01, 2/02, 6/03, 8/04; SP4/04; The Corvair Authority Website.
Applications: (Canada) Christavia Mk. 1 [C-FDWS]. (US) Corben Baby Ace [N106X]; Davis DA-2A [N93B]; Graham Lee Nieuport 12 (7/8-scale replica) [N169RD]; Grega GN-1 (alternative version of Pietenpol Air Camper); Pietenpol Air Camper, Sky Scout; Rand-Robinson KR-2; Sonerai II [N4274W]; Sonex [N2025A]; Stits SA-7D Skycoupe [N7230K]; Volksplane VP-2 [N6973]; Wolf F-11 Boredom Fighter [N1932F]; Zenith 601, 610 HD [N282RS].

O-170 - - {3.500 / 2.937 / 169.5} / {88.9 / 74.6 / 2778}

Same stroke as O-165, O-190.

6cyl; 170 cid Corvair; 90hp@3000rpm, 100hp@3200 (TO); 2004-present; Wt = 220-225#.
Air-cooled, direct-drive engine with a partly redundant ignition system (all but dual plugs). This version differs from the O-165 by an increase of 0.0625 in. in the bore.
KP 4/05, 4/06, 3/07, 3/08.
Applications: (US) Zenair SL-601.

O-190 - - {3.701 / 2.937 / 190.6} / {94 / 74.6 / 3106}

Same stroke as O-165, O-170.

6cyl; 190 cid Corvair/VW; 110hp@3000rpm, 120@3200 (TO); 2000-2006; Wt = 212-217#.
Air-cooled, direct-drive, dual-ignition engine derived from the Corvair O-165 by using 94mm (bore) VW pistons and cylinders to replace the original Corvair parts. Details are given on their Website and in their conversion manual; see also SC Performance. TCA converted their last of these in 2006. These engines are very difficult to convert for the average builder.
The Corvair Authority Website.
Applications: None found.



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