Szekely (US)

The O.E. Szekely Corp. of Holland, Michigan was founded in 1928 to build light aircraft and engines. The company name was changed to Szekely Aircraft and Engine Co. shortly thereafter. Szekely went into receivership in 1932 and the assets were secured by local business interests as the Aviation Holding Co. The physical assets were bought by the Crampton Manufacturing Co. in 1937, and subsequently by Byrne Doors, Inc. of Detroit, Michigan in 1938. Byrne sold some of the engine inventory and tools, etc. to Heath Aviation Co. of Benton Harbor, Michigan to provide service support for existing engine users. Szekely were known primarily for their small radial engines, but built two different horizontally-opposed Szekely engines.

O-125 -- {4.125 / 4.75 / 127.0} / {104.8 / 120.7 / 2080}

Same bore and stroke as O-255.

2cyl; Szekely; N/A hp@N/A rpm; 1930; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Ignition type not given.
This experimental engine had cylinders from the Szekely SR-3 engines with a single-throw crankshaft. The project was abandoned, probably because of the excessive oscillatory lateral forces of horizontally-opposed pistons connected to a single-throw crankshaft, see the Lawrance A-3 & N-2.
Applications: None found.

O-255 -- {4.125 / 4.75 / 253.9} {104.8 / 120.7 / 4161}

Same bore and stroke as O-125.

4cyl; Szekely Model 4-65; 65hp@1850rpm; 1931; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Dual-ignition engine; this experimental engine also had cylinders from the Szekely SR-3 engines, but with double-throws on the crankshaft, apparently for each pair of cylinders.
Applications: None found.


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