Svenska, Volvo (Sweden)

Svenska Flygmotor A.B. of Trollhättan, Sweden was founded as Nohab Flygmotor in 1930 and changed the name to Svenska in 1941. After WWII, Svenska was owned jointly by Volvo and Bofors. The firm had extensive experience building piston engines under license from the German Daimler Benz, the UK Bristol, and the US Pratt & Whitney firms. In 1947, the firm was beginning to produce jet engines under license from DeHavilland (UK) and have continued to develop and build turbine engines. Volvo assumed complete ownership in 1970 and renamed the firm Volvo Flygmotor as it remains today. The Svenska engines below were their only HOAE offerings.

O-315 -- {4.921 / 4.134 / 314.5} / {125 / 105 / 5154}

Same bore and stroke as O-470.

4cyl; Svenska Trollet F-451-A; 125hp@2300rpm, 145@2300 (TO); 1946-1952; Wt = 297#.
J47toJ51-52; W48.
Applications: None found.

O-470 -- {4.921 / 4.134 / 471.8} / {125 / 105 / 7731}

Same bore and stroke as O-315.

6cyl; N/A; 210hp@N/A rpm; 1946-1952; Wt = N/A.
This engine was reported under development in every Jane's issue referenced here - the compiler has not found if any were built and run.
Applications: None found.


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