Stark, Pieper, STAMO (Germany)
Stark Iberica (Spain)

STAMO is the acronym for Stark Motoren engines originally built by the Stark Flugzeugbau KG of Minden, Westfalia, Germany. STAMO engines apparently are Porsche or Volkswagen auto engines converted to aircraft engines. Stark only converted these engines from about 1960 to 1964 and many were used in Druine D.31 Turbulent aircraft which Stark built under license from Avions Druine in France. The immediate successor to Stark, briefly, seems to have been Stark Iberica SA of Barcelona, and Caspe, Zaragoza, Spain (J64-65). Later STAMO conversions were built by Pieper-Stark from 1968 and, from 1975, by Pieper Motorenbau GmbH, both of Minden, Westfalia, Germany with 600 engines delivered up to 1981. This latter firm was founded in 1927 and continues in business today as Karl Pieper GmbH & Co. KG of Minden, see the Karl Pieper Website. The compiler cannot account for any STAMO production for 1965 to 1968 from contemporary copies of Jane's AWA. Stark STAMO 1400A and B engines are not reported (J60-61toJ64-65) to have been converted from either Porsche or VW auto engines. However, the bore (80mm) and stroke (74mm) of the STAMO 1400 are reported there to be the same as for the Porsche 1500 cc engine, not the bore (83mm) and stroke (69mm) of the VW 1500cc engine. In later reports (J69-70toJ92-93), the Pieper STAMO 1500-1 and -2 engines are described as converted VW engines, but no bore and stroke are given. The compiler plans to investigate further and hopes that a reader can help ascertain the facts. The Type Certificates (TC) listed below as LBA refer to certification by the Luftfahrt Bundesamt (Federal Office of Civil Aviation), the German equivalent of the FAA in the US. The certification is to the European JAR requirements.

N/A - - {N/A / N/A / N/A} / {N/A / N/A / N/A}

2cyl; Pieper STAMO 1000; 40hp@3600rpm (direct drive), 70@7000 (geared); 1982-1986; Wt = 110# (direct), 141# (geared).
Engines were reported with both direct-drive and geared, by a toothed belt, to a not-given (but approximately 0.5) ratio. No further details are available, but did not go into production. Engine is listed as being based on VW parts and having a displacement of about 2400cc in the referenced Jane's AWA. The photo accompanying the Jane's entry seems to show a two-cylinder engine with the toothed-belt reduction. The published performance figures for the direct-drive version are consistent with a 1/2 VW conversion of a four-cylinder VW engine of that displacement.
Applications: None found.

O-91 - - {3.150 / 2.913 / 90.8} / {80 / 74 / 1488}

4cyl; Stark (later Stark Iberica) STAMO 1400A, 1400B; 42hp@3100rpm, 45@3200 (TO); 1960-1965; Wt = 122# (A), 130# (B); LBA TC = 4503.
Carbureted, dual-ignition engine. The 1400A requires manual starting, while the 1400B has a Bosch electric starter. See the above introduction for discussion of the auto engine basis for these engine conversions.
Applications: (Germany) Stark-built (Druine license) Turbulent D. (Belgium) Avions Fairey T.66 Mk.2 Tipsy Nipper (later produced by Delhamende as Nipper D-158). (Spain) Stark Iberica-built (Druine license) Turbulent D.

4cyl; Pieper STAMO MS 1500-1, MS 1500-2; 42hp@3100rpm, 45@3200 (TO); 1968-1993; Wt = 115# (-1), 130# (-2) ; LBA TC = 4570.
Carbureted, single-ignition engine with Bendix magneto. The 1500-1 requires manual starting by a pull-cord, while the 1500-2 has an electric starter and generator. See the above introduction for discussion of the auto engine basis for these engine conversions.
BGP; J69-70toJ92-93.
Applications: (Germany) Scheibe SF-25B MotorFalke motor glider.

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4cyl; Stark STAMO 2000; 75hp@N/A rpm; 1960-1963; Wt = N/A.
No details available, but did not go into production. The 75hp quoted seems to be consistent with a direct-drive conversion of a four-cylinder VW engine of about 2400cc displacement.
Applications: None found.




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