Siemens-Halske (Germany)

Siemens und Halske, A.G., a subsidiary of Siemens Apparate und Maschinen G.m.b.H. of Germany, was a major aircraft engine manufacturer beginning during WWI with Siemens-Halske rotary engines. After WWI, they concentrated on air-cooled radial engines with the exception of the low-powered HOAE described here. Siemens-Halske was reorganized by the parent company in 1936 as the Brandenburgische Motorenwerke, G.m.b.H. This company developed and manufactured engines through WWII under the Bramo name and during those years Bramo merged with BMW.

O-46 -- {3.071 / 3.071 / 45.5} / {78 / 78 / 745}

2cyl; Siemens-Halske Superior; 16hp@1500rpm; 1924; Wt = N/A.
Applications: None found.


Updated 4/2/04