Two-Stroke Cycle HOAE
Chronology 1910-Present

All two-stroke cycle engines that have been reported in the text are listed here in chronological order. The country of manufacture or conversion is in italics. The bold entries in the Manufacturer & Model column are the U.S. military designations. When there are several engines introduced in the same year, they are listed alphabetically by the manufacturer's name. Within each year for the same manufacturer, the engines are listed by increasing displacement.

The dates given in this table are approximate. It should be borne in mind that these dates are not suitable for the establishment of any historical priority, but rather are presented to show general trends over time.

YearManufacturer & ModelHP RangeNumber of Cylinders
1910Edwards (O-125) UK152
1910Edwards (O-255) UK304
1910Wolverine (O-200) US25-302
1911Edwards (O-380) UK456
1911Edwards (O-505) UK608
1911Schlumberger Germany-4
1922Clément-Bayard (O-15) France72
1922Clément-Bayard (O-30) France144
1922Levis (O-85) UK354
1923Gaz M-7, AB-20 USSR152
1925Voilet (O-30) France62
1925Voilet (OL-91) France-4
1926Samolot-Wallis M.VIII (O-42) Poland-2
1929Jacobs B-1 (O-35) US20-252
1930Brownback Tiger Junior 50 (O-155) US504
1930Cleone Glider Engine (O-40) US8-152
1930Cleone D-25 (O-77) US252
1930Cleone E-30, EG-30 (O-63) US25-302
1931Cyclomotor A-2-25 (O-72) US222
1931Schliha (O-73) Germany36-402
1931Schliha F-1200 (O-85) Germany23-362
1934Deicke ADM-7 (O-46) Germany182
1935AVA Type 4A-00 (O-66) France25-284
1936AVA Type 4A-02 (O-86) France35-404
1936Kroeber M4 (O-39) Germany182
1936Scott US 402
1937Lipton H.C.G. (O-70) France15-182
1940Righter 2-GS-17 (O-15) US6-82
1940Righter 2-S-45 (O-45) US20-352
1941Weaver US1004
1945McCulloch 4300 (O-90) US654
1945Muncie Gear XO-40-1 US18-202
1945Napier Nomad 1 [diesel] (OL-2500) UK2248-300012
1945Nelson H-44 (O-44) US254
1945Nelson H-49 (O-49) US284
1945Righter US164
1949Ambrosini P.25 (O-50) Italy222
1949Nelson H-59 (O-59) US404
1950McCulloch 4318 (O-100) US72-924
1953Napier Nomad 2 [diesel] (OL-2500) UK3135-409512
1955McCulloch 6318, TC6150 (O-150) US110-1206
1955Nelson H-63 (YO-65) US43-454
1960Pollmann Germany202
1965Hirth F10A (O-35) Germany24-264
1969Janowski Saturn 500 (O-31) Poland252
1970Borzecki 2RB (O-33) Poland16-242
1970Cicaré Argentina302
1972Aerosport-Rockwell LB600/2 (O-32) US38-452
1973Cicaré 4C2T (O-80) Argentina704
1975Herbrandson Dyad 280 (O-17) US202
1978Cicaré 4C-27 Argentina190-2004
1978Weslake Type 060 (O-4) UK52
1978Weslake Type 116 (O-7) UK82
1978Weslake Type 274, NGL WAM 274 (O-17) UK182
1978Weslake Type 430 (O-26) UK402
1978Weslake Type 548 (O-33) UK364
1978Weslake Type 860 (O-52) UK-4
1981Butterfly, JCV (O-17) Belgium222
1981IAME KFM 107 (O-18) Italy22-252
1981Icarus, Skylark (O-20) Australia222
1981JPX PUL 425 (O-26) France242
1981Weslake Type 200 (O-12) UK122
1981Weslake Type 342, NGL WAM 342 (O-21) UK26-302
1982AED Spitfire 440 LC (OL-27) US602
1982Huosai HS-16 (O-17) China164
1982Huosai HS-26 (O-31) China264
1982Limbach L 275 E (O-17) Germany20-252
1982Bakanov M-18-01 USSR/Russia402
1982Rebel Twin 2-205 (O-25) US252
1983KKBM P-020 (O-17) USSR/Russia202
1983NGL WAM 684 (O-42) UK-4
1984KKBM P-032, P-033 (O-27) USSR/Russia322
1984Piper P.80/2 (O-5) UK52
1984Piper P.200 (O-12) UK162
1985Huosai HS-510 China304
1985IAME KFM 107 Maxi (O-20) Italy27-302
1985Zenoah G50 (O-30) Japan482
1986Arrow GT 500 (O-30) Italy652
1986Arrow GT 1000 (O-61) Italy1104
1987Hirth F30 series (O-64) Germany65-1104
1987Hirth F30A (O-78) Germany80-1304
1987Limbach L 550 E (O-33) Germany504
1987Yuhe YH 280 (O-17) China154
1988Hirth F23A (O-32) Germany402
1988KKBM SB-039 USSR/Russia672
1989Hirth F22 (O-23) Germany232
1989Limbach L 90 E (O-5) Germany62
1991Bakanov M-19, VOKBM M-29 Russia804
1992Arrow GP 1000 (O-61) Italy1204
1994Arrow GP 1500 (O-91) Italy1806
1995Arrow AE 530 AC (O-32) Italy682
1995Arrow AE 1070 AC (O-65) Italy1204
1995JPX D 320 DD (O-20) France18-242
1995JPX D 320 R [geared] (O-20) France18-242
1995Walter M 202 (O-41) Czech Republic45-652
1996Continental GAP (OL-240) [diesel] US2004
2000Kazan P-800 (O-49) Russia654
2000Kazan P-1000 (O-66) Russia804
2000Motiv DD-700/45R (O-43) Russia452
2002JPX D 330 D (O-20) France20-302
2002JPX D 330 R [geared] (O-20) France25-302
2002Zanzottera 1000 Boxer (O-60) Italy724
2002Zanzottera B2000i (O-115) Italy1306
2003Zanzottera 498ia (O-30) Italy382
2004Zanzottera B2000ir (O-115) Italy1706


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