SC Performance (US)

SC Performance of Ventura, California was formerly owned and operated by Bob Sutcliffe, who provided parts for Corvair O-190 "Mighty Mouse" conversions. He is said to have sold 12 kits for this conversion. The firm is owned and operated now by Jeff Ballard, who also is selling conversion parts and participated in a "Corvair College" session held in California by The Corvair Authority; see also Patrick Panzera's Corvaircraft Website. All of these engines are non-certificated engines for use in experimental, homebuilt aircraft. SC Performance does not have a Website, but their address, phone number and a 2000 edition of their catalog of Corvair and VW parts can be found on Mark Langford's Website. There is also a link there to a more up-to-date price list.

O-190 - - {3.701 / 2.937 / 189.6} / {94 / 74.6 / 3106}

6cyl; Corvair/VW "Mighty Mouse" and "Big Boy" Conversions; 110hp@3000rpm, 120@3200 (TO); 1991-present; Wt = 212-217#.
Air-cooled, direct-drive engine derived from the Corvair O-165 by using 94mm (bore) VW pistons and cylinders.
Corvaircraft Website; Mark Langford's Website; The Corvair Authority Website.
Applications: (US) Langford's Rand-Robinson KR-2S [N41768].



Updated 8/11/07