Qualite Drive, Q-Drive (Czech Republic)

Q-Drive engines have been built by Qualite Drive, s.r.o. of Prostijor, Czech Republic. Little is known about this firm. The engines have been mentioned in Jane's, although the number of cylinders is 2 rather than the 4 listed in J04-05 to the present. This has been checked by a calculation of the displacement from the listed bore and stroke. Moreover, the reported bore, stroke, and displacement of the QD-1400 given below are identical to those of the two-cylinder Verner SVS 1400 described on the Compiler's Verner Webpage. The performance and weight of the two engines is also about the same. Finally, according to a US distributor, FlyDiver LLC Website (on their "SVS 1400 upgrade" page), the Verner factory has offered an update of the Verner SVS 1400 or the Qualite QD-1400 to the more recent, lighter-weight Verner 133M standards. At one time, there could be found a Q-Drive Website, linked from the Ultraligero Website, but it no longer seems to be active.

O-85 -- {3.701 / 3.937 / 84.7} / {94 / 100 / 1388}

2cyl; QD-1400; 80@5000 (TO); 2004-2005; Wt = 165#.
No details are known.
J04-05to present.
Applications: None found.


Updated 1/24/06