Pulsar, Aeromaxx (US)

Aeromaxx engines are manufactured by Pulsar Aircraft Corporation of El Monte, California. The Pulsar firm now manufactures kits for the well-known Pulsar and KIS (Keep It Simple) homebuilt aircraft families. The Aeromaxx 100 engine which is described below incorporates data that was previously on the Pulsar Website and is said to be "based on Porsche 911 racing engines". The engine is no longer listed on their Website, but still is listed in Jane's.

O-120 -- {N/A / N/A / 121.9} / {N/A / N/A / 1998}

4cyl; Aeromaxx 100; 118hp@5000rpm; 2002-2004; Wt = 165#; TC = none.
Electronically-controlled dual-ignition, fuel-injected engine; geared to 0.505 with provisions for an in-flight-adjustable, variable-pitch propeller.
J02-03to present.
Applications: Pulsar Super Pulsar 100, Pulsar (formerly KIS) Pulsar 150.


Updated 3/7/06