Pollmann, HEPU (Germany)

Pollmann engines were manufactured by Heinz Pollmann Fahrzeug-Motoren- und Flugmotorenbau (HEPU) of Uffeln-Ulotho, Germany. They were listed in Jane's AWA for only two editions. The Pollmann engines were also known as Komet Flight Motors (KFM) engines. Engines built 20 years later by Ital-American Motor Engineering (IAME) of Zingonia, Italy used the KFM name as well. The relationship between the two firms is unknown to the compiler, but the Pollmann KFM 40/3500 series below has identical dimensions to the IAME KFM 112. Both of these engines are believed to be derived from VW auto engines. Similarly, the compiler suggests that the dimensions of the two-stroke engine below may be the same as those for the IAME KFM 107 since the power output is nearly the same. The Type Certificate (TC) listed below as LBA refers to certification by the Luftfahrt Bundesamt (Federal Office of Civil Aviation), the German equivalent of the FAA in the US. The certification is to the European JAR requirements.

N/A (2-Stroke) -- {N/A / N/A / N/A} / {N/A / N/A / N/A}

2cyl; N/A; 20hp@N/Arpm; 1960-1961; Wt = N/A.
Applications: None found.

O-79 -- {3.150 / 2.520 / 78.5} / {80 / 64 / 1287}

4cyl; KFM 40/3500, KFM 40/3500/2, KFM 40/3500/48; 38hp@3200rpm, 40@3500 (TO); 1960-1962; Wt = N/A; LBA TC = 4507 (for the 40/3500/48 version).
Single ignition on 40/3500; dual-ignition on 40/3500/2; unknown for the 40/3500/48. These engines probably were VW-based.
Applications: (Belgium) Tipsy T-66 Nipper; (France) Druine Turbulent; Jodel D-9 Bébé; (US) Bensen gyroplane; Smith Termite.



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