Piaggio (Italy)

Piaggio and Company, S.A. is still a major manufacturer based in Genoa, Italy. The firm was famous for building railway cars and ships before entering the aviation industry in 1916. They built Piaggio aircraft engines, mostly air-cooled radials, from about 1925 through WWII. Giovanni Pegna was an aircraft designer for Piaggio for many years and is especially noted for the development of a Schneider Cup racer in 1929 - the remarkable hydroski-equipped P.c.7 (see JT). The early collaboration by Piaggio & Pegna on a light aircraft engine is described here.

Piaggio built Lycoming O-435, GO-435, VO-435, GO-480, and GSO-480 engines under license in the 1950s and 1960s, see Lycoming and W56 to W59-60.

O-102 -- {4.409 / 3.346 / 102.2} / {112 / 85 / 1675}

2cyl; Piaggio & Pegna; 26hp@1500rpm, 30@1650 (TO); 1924-1926; Wt = 121#.
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