Penn Yan Aero (US)

Penn Yan Aero Service, Inc. of Penn Yan, New York has been building, since 2003, Lycoming O-320, IO-320, O-360, and IO-360 series engines for uncertificated, homebuilt experimental aircraft (SA7/03, 11/03). The specific engines are called the Penn Yan Aero XE-320 series, the Penn Yan Aero XE-360 series, and the Superior XP-360. The firm, which began operations during WWII, has many years of experience providing FAA-approved parts, maintenance, and overhauls for piston aircraft engines. They are Authorized Lycoming and Continental Distributors and are a Superior Millenium Facility. Details of their engines can be found on the Penn Yan Aero Website.


Updated 8/11/07