Michl, Orion (Germany)

The Michl firm of Schlan, Germany built the following Orion LL 30 engine for light aircraft. The National Technical Museum in Prague, Czech Republic has an example of the engine mounted on a Mignet H.M.14 built in 1937. A photo of the engine installation taken during 2006 by Tim Wheat is displayed on the AEHS Website and can be found here. "The Engineering Index for 1931" cites an article published in the German magazine Zeitschrift für Flugwesen, Vol.11, No.9, 1931, pp.129-131 with five illustrations. The article title, translated, is "The Orion LL 30 aircraft engine of the Michl firm, Schlan". The details below are from the "Index" citation. The Orion engine bears some resemblance to the US Aeronca E-107 and E-113 (Aeronco J.A.P. 99 in the UK) and the Czech Praga B-2. In the Mignet installation, the Orion carburetor is above the engine rather than below as it is on the Aeroncas and the Praga. The compiler does not know if that was the standard location or a necessity for that particular installation.

O-140 -- {4.331 / 4.724 / 139.2} / {110 / 120 / 2281}

2cyl; Michl Orion LL 30; 43hp@1900rpm; 1930-1935; Wt = 123#.
See above.
Applications: (France) Mignet H.M.14 Pou du Ciel.


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