Nieuport (France)

The Nieuport company was one of the major French pioneers of aircraft design and manufacture. They continued in business until they were taken over in the nationalization of the French aircraft industry in 1936. The HOAE listed here is the only Nieuport engine of any type. A contemporary reference is the 1920 book by E. Charles Vivian (ECV) in which a chapter covers horizontally-opposed aircraft engines. The Nieuport engine is described as a notable engine among several HOAE from various countries. Vivian's book is available on the Internet and can be found here. Another reference is Setright's book (LJKS).

O-260 -- {5.315 / 5.906 / 262.1} / {135 / 150 / 4294}

2cyl; Nieuport; 35hp@1100rpm; 1911-1914; Wt = 173#.
Applications: (France) Nieuport IIN monoplane.


Updated 10/18/06