Monaco (UK)

Monaco Motor and Engineering Co. Ltd., of Watford, UK began building automobiles and auto engines in 1935. During WWII, they built aircraft engines under sub-contracts to the major engine manufacturers. Design of this HOAE was a post-WWII effort. Monaco Engines, Ltd. took over this engine design from the automobile company in c.1948 and the engine was, in turn, sold to Associated Equipment Co., Ltd. in 1949. Associated soon terminated Monaco engine development.

O-220 -- {4.375 / 3.625 / 218.0} / {111.1 / 92.1 / 3572}

4cyl; Monaco 75, 100; 70hp@2050rpm & 80@2350 (TO), 93hp@2600rpm & 100@2800 (TO); 1946-1949; Wt = 230#.
Offered at nominally 75hp (derated), and 100hp; available for fixed- or variable-pitch propellers, for tractor or pusher configurations, with or without an extension shaft, and including provisions for mounting in the wings driving a pusher propeller.
"Aeroplane" 3/15/46; "Flight" 3/14/46; J47toJ49-50; W47.
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