McCulloch, Northrop-Ventura (US)

McCulloch Motors Corporation of Los Angeles, California has built a wide variety of gasoline-engine powered products, including chainsaws, helicopters, gyroplanes and engines for radio-contolled target drones. Their first aircraft product apparently was the production from 1943, under US Government contracts, of Righter-designed two-stroke cycle engines for WWII target drones. Later, McCulloch built many two-stroke engines of their own design for various manned and un-manned aircraft applications. The manned applications were the Bensen Gyro-Copters and several other homebuilt aircraft and gyroplane designs. All McCulloch engines seem to have had single ignition and did not have Type Certificates. McCulloch's aircraft engine business was sold to Northrop-Ventura in 1972. Northrop-Ventura was the successor company to Radioplane Corporation, which built un-manned drone aircraft from about 1940 and owned Righter Manufacturing from May 1945. Northrop-Ventura built these McCulloch engines until the late 1980s.

O-88 (2-Stroke) -- {3.0 / 3.125 / 88.4} / {76.2 / 79.4 / 1448}

Same stroke as O-100, O-150.

4cyl; Model 4300C, Military O-90-1; 65hp@4100rpm; 1945-1952; Wt = 78#; TC = none.
Single-ignition engine.; AMC; Fahey USAF; J49-50toJ50-51.
Applications: (US) Radioplane (Northrop-Ventura) YOQ-19, OQ-19A, OQ-19C, KD2R-1 target drones.

O-100 (2-Stroke) -- {3.1875 / 3.125 / 99.7} / {81.0 / 79.4 / 1635}

Same bore and stroke as O-150.
Same stroke as O-88.

4cyl; Model 4318, Military O-100-1; 72hp@4100rpm, 84@4100, 92@N/A; 1950-1988; Wt = 77#; TC = none.
Various versions included 4318A, 4318E (for Bensen), 4318F.; BGP; J51-52toJ87-88; S; W62-63toW66-67.
Applications: (Canada) St. Germain (Jean) Raz-Mut pusher ultralight aircraft. (Germany) Krauss gyroplane [D-HOCY]; VFW WFG-H2 gyroplanes. (Italy) Meteor P.X, Mirach-70 target drones. (Japan) NEC (license-built Northrop-Ventura MQM-36) target drone; Sakamoto YS-3MC gyroplane. (South Africa) Rotorcraft Minicopter Mk.1, 1A. (Sweden) Ekström Humlan 2 [SE-HXE] gyroplane. (UK) Taylor (John) J.T.1 monoplane; Wallis WA-116 [G-ARRT] prototype, -116/McC, -116T/McC, -120/McC, -121/McC gyroplanes. (US) Bensen B-8M & B-11 Gyro-Copters; Developmental Sciences/NASA Oblique-Wing (R.T. Jones concept) RPV; Globe KD6G-1 target drone; Goodyear GA-466 (AO-2 & XOA-3) Inflatoplanes; Kaman Ship Tethered Aerial Platform (STAPL); Nagler NH-140, NH-160 light helicopters; Radioplane (Northrop-Ventura) XOQ-19B, OQ-19D (later MQM-33), KD2R series (later MQM-36) & MQM-57 target drones, NV-101 gyroplane target drone.

O-150 (2-Stroke) -- {3.1875 / 3.125 / 149.6} / {81.0 / 79.4 / 2452}

Same bore and stroke as O-100.
Same stroke as O-88.

6cyl; Model 6318, Military O-150-2; 110hp@4100rpm; 1955-1972; Wt = 114#; TC = none.
Single-ignition engine that could be mounted either horizontally or vertically.; J55-56toJ71-72; S; W62-63.
Applications: None found.

6cyl; Model TC6150, Military O-150-4, -4A; 120hp@4100rpm; 1955-1972; Wt = 142#; TC = none.
Turbocharged version of 6318.; J55-56toJ71-72; W62-63.
Applications: (US) Beech Model 1001 (XKDB-1, later MQM-39A), Model 1025 (MQM-61A) Cardinal target drones.


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