Maxwell (US)

Maxwell engines are converted from Subaru automobile engines and built and marketed by Maxwell Propulsion Systems of Arlington, Washington. The firm was founded in 2005 and released information on their MX1 engine system during 2007. All Maxwell Subaru conversions require reduction of propeller rpm from that of engine rpm; i.e., a Propeller Speed Reduction Unit (PSRU). The Maxwell PSRU is of the firm's new design incorporating gears. The applications below are for firewall-forward packages designed by Maxwell. Most of the information here has been compiled from the Maxwell Website and the KP10/05 and 2/09 magazines. All of the Maxwell engines are non-certificated engines for use in experimental, homebuilt aircraft. The firm has an MX -2 turbocharged version and an MX3 turbocharged version with intercooling under development (KP 2/09, 3/09). Maxwell also holds and sells the remaining stock of NSI Propulsion Systems parts as listed on the Maxwell Website.

OL-150 - - {3.917 / 3.110 / 149.9} / {99.5 / 79 / 2457}

4cyl; MX1; 165hp@5500rpm; 2006-present; Wt = 338#.
Liquid-cooled, electronically-controlled dual-ignition (coil and battery, but single spark plugs) on stock Subaru EJ25 (H4) engines; fuel-injection and single overhead camshafts (SOHC) on each cylinder bank; geared to 0.469 by a Maxwell gearbox PSRU. Control of propeller pitch is manual from the cockpit.
KP10/05, 3/08, 2/09, 3/09; Maxwell Website; SA11/08.
Applications: (US) Glasair GlaStar, Sportsman; SportCopter Supersport gyroplane; Van's RV-6, RV-7, RV-9.



Updated 8/18/09