Masquito (Belgium)

Masquito Aircraft, with a production and test facility in Diksmuide, Flanders, Belgium, built light helicopters and modified engines to power them. Initially, Masquito performed trials with their M80 helicopter powered by a Rotax 582. For later M80 trials, the firm modified a stock Jabiru 2200 engine (see the Jabiru Webpage) by replacing the Jabiru magnetos and carburetor with electronically-controlled dual ignition and fuel injection of their own design. Provisions were made as well for forced air-cooling of the cylinders and a transmission to drive the rotor. They decided in about 2002 to build an engine to their own design, based on the Jabiru engine but with an increased bore to obtain greater power without a large weight increase. This also permitted them to use their existing helicopter engine mount and transmission. This engine is the Masquito M2.6 described below. Details of both the helicopter and the engine could be found on the Masquito Website, which was not updated after 2003 and cannot be reached in 2007. The brothers Stefaan and Paul Masschelein, who were involved in both the Masquito helicopter and engine, now are in business in France as Masschi Motors. This firm, including Stephane and Marc Deschreve, is developing another engine, the Masschi 105.

O-156 -- {4.134 / 2.913 / 156.4} / {105 / 74 / 2563}

4cyl; Masquito M2.6; 120hp@3700rpm; 2002-2005; Wt = 110#.
Basic engine developed from the Jabiru 2200 by increasing the bore. Other changes include dual, variable timing, electronically-controlled ignition, fuel injection, and forced-air cylinder cooling. Engine performance quoted was for operation with the helicopter transmission.
Masquito Website (no longer active); Internet searches on Masquito M2.6 or Masquito M80 still give some information which is consistent with the material here.
Applications: (Belgium) Masquito M80 light helicopter.


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