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Part 2: O-390 through OL-1230

This is the second part of the Lycoming engine compilation. It includes the engines with larger displacement, namely from the O-390 through the OL-1230. Again all families of Lycoming horizontally-opposed aircraft engines are listed in the table of Lycoming Engine Families. This table gives a compact reference to their chronological and technical development. The Lycoming introductory material is contained in the first part of the Lycoming compilation. The Lycoming engines of smaller displacement from the O-145 through the O-365 are given in the first part and can be reached here.

The Textron Website is very comprehensive and provides basic information for all engine models in their current inventory. When you reach the site, click on the engine photo (or the block printing "Lycoming"). Next, you click on "Product Sales" and then on "Piston Engine Selection Guide" where you can select engine families to find the specific model(s) for which information is desired. All models listed on the Website are indicated below as being in current production. The Lycoming Website also lists aircraft applications (both US and foreign) for most engine models. This information can be found from "Product Sales" by clicking "Certificated Piston Aircraft Engines & Installation Guide (SSP-401)".

O-390 -- {5.319 / 4.375 / 388.9} / {135.1 / 111.1 / 6372}

Same bore and stroke as O-580(6), O-780.
Same stroke as O-360, O-540, O-541, O-720.

This four-cylinder engine design was announced on July 23, 2002 at the Experimental Aircraft Association AirVenture 2002 in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. It was sold initially as the IO-390-X and AEIO-390-X for non-certificated, homebuilt experimental aircraft. The certificated version, the IO-390, was approved in 2009.

Firms in North America offering non-certficated IO-390-X and AEIO-390-X models built from approved Lycoming parts are: Aero Sport Power of Canada, Barrett Precision Engines, G&N Aviation, Teledyne Mattituck, and Triad Aviation of Burlington, North Carolina.

4cyl; IO-390; 210hp@2700rpm; 2009-present; Wt = 307#; TC = E00006NY on 3/30/09.
Applications: None found.

4cyl; IO-390-X; 210hp@2700rpm; 2002-present; Wt = 308#; TC = none.
KP4/05; Lycoming press release dated July 2002.
Applications: (US) Van's RV-8A.

4cyl; AEIO-390-X; 210hp@2700rpm; 2002-present; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Lycoming press release dated July 2002.
Applications: None found.

O-402 -- {5.125 / 3.25 / 402.3} / {130.2 / 82.5 / 6592}

Engines were supposed to run mid-1968 as the initial development of a new "High Speed Series" with 260-300hp 4's, 400-450hp 6's, and 570-600hp 8's; apparently not developed to production.

6cyl; TIGO-402-A1A; 450hp@N/Arpm; 1967-1969; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Engine featured overhead camshafts; geared to N/A with spur gears so that the propeller shaft was offset vertically from the crankshaft center line.
Applications: None found.

O-435 -- {4.875 / 3.875 / 434.0} / {123.8 / 98.4 / 7111}

Same bore and stroke as O-290, O-580(8).
Same stroke as O-160, O-233, O-235, O-320, O-350, O-480.
Specifications and applications of USAAF and USAF versions of the O-435 and GO-435 series up to January 1950 can be found in the AMC reference, a copy of which is available under the "Reference" heading on the Website of the Aircraft Engine Historical Society. Engines in these series were also built as tank engines during the WWII (Locust tank) and Korean War eras.

6cyl; O-435; 175hp@2300rpm-250@3200; 1941-1977; Wt = 347-405#; TC = 228 on 2/11/42.
Also built under license by Piaggio in Italy, see W62-63toW66-67.
Ae41toAe43; AMC; AY41,51,52; J41toJ76-77; KMM; W41toW62-63.
Applications: (Belgium) CW 205 helicopter. (Brazil) I.P.T. 8 twin. (Canada/US) Fleet-built Fairchild PT-26B Cornell III [RCAF 10500]. (France) Boisavia B-601 Mercurey. (Finland) Karhumäki Karhu 48B [OH-VKK]. (India) MMPL-I Kanpur-I. (Italy) Agusta P.111; Piaggio P.149. (Netherlands) Fokker F-25 Promoter, S.11 Instructor (tailwheel), S.12 Instructor (tricycle gear). (Sweden) SAAB-91B, -91C Safir. (Switzerland) Pilatus P-4. (UK) Miles M.57 Aerovan [G-AHKF]. (US) Aero L.3805 Commander prototype; Aqua Flight II; Atlas H-10; Bellanca 14-19 Cruisemaster; Bunyard BAX-4; Eshelman FW-5 "The Wing"; Gail 202; Helio H-391B Courier; Johnson Rocket 185; Kaman K-225 (XHK-225 for USN Trials) helicopter; Streak (formerly Aero Flight) 225; Transcendental 2. (Yugoslavia) Aero 3 trainer; KB-11 Branko.

6cyl; GO-435; 210hp@3000rpm-260@3400; 1941-1977; Wt = 407-458#; TC = 228 on 8/30/44.
Geared to 0.642 (77:120).
Ae43; AMC; AY41,44,51,52,60; J41toJ76-77; KMM; W44toW62-63.
Applications: (Canada/US) Fleet-built Helio H-391B [CF-IBF]. (Italy) Piaggio P.136-L1. (Switzerland) Pilatus P-3 trainer. (US) Aero Commander 520; Beech 50, B50 Twin Bonanza; Morrow 1-L Trainer; Ryan Navion Super 260; Weatherly-Campbell Colt. (Yugoslavia) UTVA-56.

6cyl; O-435-2-M1 Military; 185hp@2800rpm; 1942-1960; Wt = 405#; TC = 5E-12 (date N/A).
Geared to 0.642 (77:120).
AMC; Fahey USAAF; J41toJ52-53; W52.
Applications: (US) Aero Commander L-26; Beech YL-23, L-23A, L-23B Twin Bonanza; Helio H-391 Courier (YL-24); Ryan YPT-25; Sikorsky R-6; Stinson L-5.

6cyl; GSO-435 260hp@3050rpm; 1954-1956; Wt = 488-496#; TC = 276 in c.1954.
Geared to 0.642 (77:120).
J54-55; W52toW55.
Applications: (US) Regent Rocket 260; Ryan Model 72 Trainer.

6cyl; VO-435; 250-265hp@3200rpm; 1954-1977; Wt = 390-419#; TC = 279 on 10/11/54.
Also built under license by Piaggio in Italy, see W62-63toW66-67.
AY60; J54-55toJ77-78; W56toW70.
Applications: (Germany) Borgward Kolibri I. (US) Bell 47G-2 (H-13H Sioux), 47J Ranger; Hiller H-23D Raven; Kaman K-225, K-240 (HTK-1 drone); Vertical Aviation Technologies Hummingbird 260L* (kit-built Sikorsky S-52-2) helicopters.
* KP9/04; Vertical Aviation Technologies Website.

6cyl; TVO-435; 220-250hp@3200rpm; 1961-1969; Wt = 464-493#; TC = 1E13 on 5/21/61.
J61-62toJ68-69; W62-63toW70.
Applications: (Italy) Agusta-Bell 47J-3B-1. (Japan) Kawasaki KH-4 (Bell licensed production). (US) Bell 47G-3B (OH-13S Sioux), Sioux Scout attack prototype.

O-480 -- {5.125 / 3.875 / 479.6} / {130.2 / 98.4 / 7859}

Same bore and stroke as O-160, O-320.
Same bore as O-340, O-360, O-540, O-541, O-720.
Same stroke as O-233, O-235, O-290, O-350, O-435, O-580(8).

6cyl; GO-480; 260hp@3000rpm-285@3100; 1954-1978; Wt = 432-464#; TC = 275 on 4/21/54.
Also built by BMW in Germany (TC = 7E1, dated 10/18/60) and by Piaggio in Italy.
All versions geared to 0.642 (77:120), except the GO-480-C3A6 and GO-480-E1A6 to 0.640 (16:25).
AY60; J57-58toJ77-78; KMM; S; W56toW70.
Applications: (Canada) de Havilland Super Chipmunk (Art Scholl-modified aerobatic conversion [N13Y]); Found Bros. FBA-2C. (Germany) Dornier Do 27A, B, Q1, Q4, Q5 & S, Do 29 STOL twin demonstrator. (UK) Edgar Percival E.P.9, Prospector; Lancashire Prospector (formerly Percival E.P.9); Miles HDM.106 twin. (US) Aero 520, 560A Commanders; Beech C50, D50 (L-23E), D50A, D50B, D50C, D50E, D50E-5990 Twin Bonanza; Trecker P-136-L2 Gull. (Yugoslavia) UTVA-56H floatplane, UTVA-60, -AT1, -AT2, -AG, -AM, -65 Privrednik-GO agplanes.

6cyl; GSO-480; 320hp@3200rpm; 1955-1969; Wt = 498-517#; TC = 284 on 6/30/55.
Geared to 0.642 (77:120); Military O-480-1.
AY60; J57-58toJ68-69; S; W54 toW64-65.
Applications: (Germany) Dornier Do 27H2. (Italy) Aeritalia A.M.3C; Piaggio P.136-L2, P.160. (Italy-US) Aermacchi-Lockheed AL60-C4. (Japan) Fuji KM. (Mexico) Vest Aircraft de Mexico Super Heron (engine conversion for deHavilland Heron). (South Africa) Atlas C4M Kudu. (Switzerland) Pilatus PC-6/340, PC-6-H2 Porter. (UK) Miles HDM.106 twin. (US) Beech E50 (L-23D, RL-23D), F50 (L-23E) Twin Bonanza. (Yugoslavia) SOKO P-2 Kraguj counter-insurgency; UTVA-66 utility, -66-AM ambulance, -66-H floatplane.

6cyl; IGSO-480; 320hp@3200rpm; 1960-1978; Wt = 512-517#; TC = 284 on 8/25/60.
Geared to 0.642 (77:120); Military O-480-3.
AY60; J57-58toJ77-78; S; W59-60 toW70.
Applications: (Germany) Dornier Do 28D. (Japan) Fuji LM-2 Nikko, KM-2B (military T-3). (US) Beech E50, F50, G50, H50, J50 Twin Bonanza, 65 (L-23F), A65, A65-8200, 70 Queen Air.

6cyl; IGO-480; 280hp@3000rpm-285@3100; 1968-1978; Wt = 455-457#; TC = 275 on 9/9/68.
All versions geared to 0.642 (77:120).
J57-58toJ77-78; S; W54 toW70.
Applications: (US) Aero 680 Alticruiser; Bird Innovator (PBY conversion); Helio H-392 Courier; Temco 58; Trecker P-136-L-2 Gull.

O-540 -- {5.125 / 4.375 / 541.5} / {130.2 / 111.1 / 8873}

Same bore and stroke as O-360, O-541, O-720.
Same bore as O-160, O-320, O-340, O-480.
Same stroke as O-390, O-580(6), O-780.

A firm in North America offering some non-certificated "O-540" models built from approved parts not manufactured by Lycoming is: Ameritech Industries (Eagle XTREEM).

Firms in North America offering some non-certficated O-540 models built from approved Lycoming parts are: Aero Sport Power of Canada, Barrett Precision Engines, G&N Aviation, Teledyne Mattituck, Triad Aviation of Burlington, North Carolina, and the Lycoming factory under the Thunderbird Engines program.

6cyl; O-540; 235hp@2575rpm-260@2700; 1957-present; Wt = 356-394#; TC = 295 on 10/31/57.
AY60; J58-59to present; KMM; S; W59-60toW70.
Applications: (Argentina) Aero Boero AG.260 agplane; DINFIA (formerly FMA) I.A.53 agplane. (Australia) Gippsland GA8 Airvan prototype, GA200 Fatman agplane; Yeoman YA-1 Cropmaster [VH-BJF]. (Brazil) CTA FG-8 Guanabara (modified Fokker S-12). (Canada) Found Bros. FBA-2A, -2C; Saunders Cheetah prototype. (Czechoslovakia) Zlin Z143L. (France) C.A.A.R.P./Mudry CAP 20C & D (modified in Switzerland for aerobatics); Robin HR 100/230TR; S.A. Normande D.160; Scintex Rubis ML 250; Socata Rallye 235GT (later Gabier), Gaucho (formerly 235CA) agplane with tail wheel & Guevrier (formerly 235G); Wassmer Super 4/21 Prestige. (Germany) Dornier Do 28A-1, -1S; Rhein-Flugzeugbau (RFB) RF1 twin (engines geared to a single ducted propeller). (India) MMPL-I Kanpur-II. (Italy) Aviamilano (later SIAI-Marchetti) F.250; SIAI-Marchetti S.208, S.208A, SF.260, SF.260C, SF.260D, SF.260M, SF.260SW, SF.260W. (Mexico) AAMSA (owned TC at one time) A-9 Sparrow Commander agplane. (Poland) PZL-111 Koliber 235A Senior. (UK) Britten-Norman (later Pilatus B-N) BN-2B Islander twin, BN-2A Mk.III -1, -2 Trislander trimotor. (US) Cessna R182, TR182T Skylane RG, T182 Skylane; Helio Courier 600; IMCO (later Aero Commander) A-9, -9A agplanes; Maule M-5-235, M-7-235; Piper PA-23-235 Apache 235, PA-23-250 Aztec A & B, PA-24-250 Comanche, PA-24-260 Comanche, PA-25-235 Pawnee, PA-25-260 Pawnee, PA-28-235 Cherokee Pathfinder, PA-28-236 Dakota, PA-32-260 Cherokee Six 260; Robinson R44 helicopter.

6cyl; VO-540; 305-315hp@3200rpm; 1958-1982; Wt = 429-453#; TC = 304 on 7/24/58.
Military O-540-9.
AY60; J59-60toJ81-82; S; W59-60toW70.
Applications: (Italy) Agusta-Bell 47G-4A. (US) Bell 47J-2 Ranger; Hiller 12E, L3 & L4 (OH-23F & -23G Ravens).

6cyl; IO-540; 230@2400rpm-300@2700; 1960-present; Wt = 373-446#; TC = 1E4 on 5/5/60.
J60-61to present; S; W62-63toW70.
Applications: (Argentina) RRAFAGA J-1 Martin Fierro agplane. (Australia) Gippsland GA8 Airvan production, GA200C Fatman agplane; Transavia T-300, -300A Skyfarmer. (Brazil) Embraer EMB-201A Ipanema agplane; Neiva IPD-6201 Universal [PP-ZTW]. (Canada) Found Centennial 100. (Chile/US) ENEAR Chile T-35 Pillán military trainer. (France) Cerva CE.43 Guépard [F-BSNJ]; Jurca M.J.8 (3/4-scale FW-190); Matra (later Socata) M 360-6 Jupiter push-pull twin; Robin HR 100/250TR & /4+2; Socata ST 60 Rallye 7 [F-BPXN], TB 20 Trinidad, TB 30 Epsilon military trainer. (Germany) Dornier Do 28B-1; Equator (formerly Pöschel) P-300 prototype; Taifun Me 108F (update of original pre-WWII design). (Indonesia) LAPAN XT-400 twin. (Italy) General Avia (formerly Procair) F.600 Canguro twin; SIAI-Marchetti SF.260C. (Mexico) AAMSA (owned TC at one time) A-9B Quail Commander agplane. (Poland) PZL-104M Wilga 2000. (Romania) ICA IAR-823, IAR-831 Pelican [YR-IGA]. (Spain) AISA Autogyro GN gyroplane. (Switzerland) Pilatus PC-8 Twin-Porter. (UK) Britten-Norman (later Pilatus B-N) BN-2B Islander twin, Defender military surveillance twin; Edgley (later Brooklands) EA 7 Optica Mk.II, Scoutmaster [G-BLFC]. (US) Aero Commander 500B; Aerostar (later Piper PA-60-) 600, 601, 601P, 602P; Cessna 182S, 182T Skylanes, 206H Stationair; IMCO (later Aero Commander) A-9B agplane; King's 44 Angel; Lake LA-250 Renegade; Maule M-6-235 Super Rocket, M-7-235, M-7-260, MX-7-235; Micco (formerly Meyers) MAC-145B; Mooney M20T Predator; Piper PA-23-250 Aztec C through F, PA-24-260 Comanche, PA-31-300 Navajo, PA-32-300 Cherokee Six 300, PA-32R-300 Lance, PA-32RT-300 Lance II, PA-32R-301 Saratoga SP & Saratoga II HP, PA-32-301 Saratoga, PA-32-301FT 6X, PA-36-300 Pawnee Brave 300; Robinson R44 II Raven helicopter; Rockwell Commander (later Commander) 114, 114A, 114B, 115, 115AT; Schweizer 2-37A (RG-8A); Stoddard-Hamilton (later New Glasair) Glasair III; Van's Aircraft RV-10; Windecker Eagle prototype. (Yugoslavia) UTVA-65 Privrednik-IO agplane.

6cyl; IGSO-540; 360hp@3200rpm; 1960-1978; Wt = 522-541#; TC = 1E7 on 6/17/60.
Geared to 0.642 (77:120).
J60-61toJ77-78; S; W62-63toW70.
Applications: (Germany) Dornier Do 28D [D-IBUL], D-1, D-2 & Do 128-2 Skyservant. (Italy) Piaggio P.166B, P.166-BL2 & P.166C Portofino. (US) Aero Commander 680F; Beech 65-80, 65-A80, 65-A80-8800, 65-88, 65-B80 Queen Air; Swearingen Excaliber (conversion of Beech D50).

6cyl; IGO-540; 325hp@3000rpm; 1960-1977; Wt = 500-517#; TC = 1E11 on 10/28/60.
Geared to 0.642 (77:120).
J60-61toJ76-77; S; W62-63to W70.
Applications: (Switzerland) Pilatus PC-6/350, PC-6-H2 Porter. (US) Aero Commander 560F. (Yugoslavia) SOKO P-2 Kraguj counter-insurgency; UTVA-65 Privrednik-IGO (Super Privrednik-350) agplane.

6cyl; TVO-540; 305hp@3200rpm; 1961-1965; Wt = 499#; TC = 1E14 on 10/18/61.
J62-63toJ64-65; W62-63.
Applications: (US) Hiller 12E.

6cyl; TIVO-540; 315hp@3200rpm; 1963-1977; Wt = 507#; TC = 1E14 on 8/16/63.
J63-64toJ76-77; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (US) Hiller SL3, SL4.

6cyl; IVO-540; 305hp@3200rpm; 1965-1977; Wt = 435#; TC = 11EA on 4/20/65.
J65-66toJ76-77; S; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (US) Brantly 305.

6cyl; TIO-, LTIO-540; 250hp@2575rpm-350@2600; 1965-present; Wt = 453-578#; TC = 14EA on 12/6/65 & 2/16/72.
J65-66to present; S; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (Australia) Gippsland GA-8 Airvan production. (Brazil) Embraer EMB-201A Ipanema ag plane. (Colombia) Aero Mercantil EL 1 Gavillán. (France) Socata TB 21 Trinidad TC. (Germany) Dornier Do 28B-2; Equator (formerly Pöschel) P-300; Grob GF-200 [D-EFKH] pusher. (Italy) SIAI-Marchetti SF.600 Canguro twin, SF.260W Warrior. (Japan/US) Fuji FA-300/Rockwell 700. (UK) Britten-Norman BN-2S Islander twin. (US) Aircraft Design Stallion; Cessna T182T Turbo Skylane, T206H Turbo Stationair; Colemill Panther Navajo, Panther II (Chieftain); Lake Turbo 270 Renegade; Maule M-6-235 Super Rocket, MX-7-235; Mooney M20M Bravo; Piper PA-23 Turbo Aztec C through F, PA-24-260 Turbo Comanche, PA-31 Turbo Navajo, PA-31-325 Navajo C/R, PA-31-350 (also T-1020) Navajo Chieftain, PA-31P-350 Mojave, PA-32R-300T Turbo Lance II, PA-32R-301T Turbo Saratoga SP & Saratoga II TC, PA-32-301T Turbo Saratoga, PA-32-301XTC 6XT, PA-46-350P Malibu Mirage; Rockwell Commander (later Commander) 114TC, 115TC; Schweizer 2-37A (RG-8A).

6cyl; HIO-540; 290hp@2575rpm; 1974-1977; Wt = 443#; TC = 1E4 on 3/5/74.
J73-74toJ76-77; S.
Applications: None found.

6cyl; AEIO-540; 260-300hp@2700rpm; 1974-present; Wt = 384-449#; TC = 1E4 on 11/26/74.
Aerobatic engine with fuel system and wet-sump oil system for aerobatic flight.
J73-74to present; S.
Applications: (Argentina/US) Chincul Military Trainer (licensed Piper Arrow derivative). (Chile/US) ENEAR Chile T-35 Pillán military trainer. (Czechoslovakia) Zlin Z50L [OK-IRF], Z50LS [OK-PRH], Z61L aerobatic aircraft. (France) Mudry CAP 230 aerobatic; Socata TB 30 Epsilon military trainer. (Germany) Extra 330 aerobatic; Grob G 115T, G 120A. (India) HAL HPT-32 trainer. (Italy) SIAI-Marchetti SF.260C. (UK) NDN-1 Firecracker military trainer. (US) Mooney M20T; Pitts (later Aviat) S-2B, S-2C, S-2S Special aerobatic. (Yugoslavia) UTVA Lasta [54001] military trainer.

6cyl; TIO-540-NXT; N/Ahp@N/Arpm; 2003-present; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Lycoming-sponsored experimental racing engine with twin turbochargers; introduced at the Reno, Nevada Air Races in September 2003 (see the press release on the Textron Website).
SA 11/03.
Applications: (US) Sharp (Jon) Nemesis NXT racer.

6cyl; TEO-540; 350hp@N/Arpm; 2008-present; Wt = N/A; TC = none yet.
A new member of the O-540 series with twin turbochargers, an intercooler, and integrated electronic ignition with FADEC engine control, known as the Lycoming iE2 System, was flown on the Evolution prototype below during 2009. It is available as a Lycoming Thunderbolt non-certificated engine now, and Lycoming says that it will be certificated as the TEO-540-A1A.
KP11/08, SA7/09.
Applications: (US) Lancair Evolution (piston engine version).

O-541 -- {5.125 / 4.375 / 541.5} / {130.2 / 111.1 / 8873}

Same bore and stroke as O-360, O-540, O-720.
Same bore as O-160, O-320, O-340, O-480.
Same stroke as O-390, O-580(6), O-780.
Same bore and stroke as O-540, but totally redesigned.

6cyl; TIO-541; 310hp@2575rpm-380@2900; 1965-present; Wt = 549-595#; TC = 10EA on 2/23/65.
J65-66to present; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (France) Matra (later Socata) Moynet M 360-6 Jupiter push-pull twin. (US) Beech 56TC & A56TC Turbo Baron, 60, A60 & B60 Duke; Mooney M22.

6cyl; TIGO-541; 400-450hp@3200rpm; 1968-present; Wt = 663-714#; TC = 19EA on 11/19/68.
Geared to 0.667 (2:3).
J67-68to present; W66-67toW70.
Applications: (France) Matra (later Socata) Moynet M 360 Presidence push-pull twin. (India) HAL HA-31 Mk II Basant agplane. (Japan/US) Fuji FA-300/Rockwell 710. (US) Piper PA-31P pressurized Navajo.

O-580(8) -- {4.875 / 3.875 / 578.6} / {123.8 / 98.4 / 9482}

Same bore and stroke as O-290, O-435.
Same stroke as O-160, O-233, O-235, O-320, O-350, O-480.
This eight-cylinder engine design is totally different from the six-cylinder O-580(6) series listed next. The official Lycoming designation remains O-580 for both engines since there is no chronological overlap in their use.

8cyl; GSO-580; 320-350hp@3000rpm; 1948-1961; Wt = 604-624#; TC = 256 in c.1948.
Geared to 0.642 (77:120); Military O-580-1.
J47toJ60-61; S; W47to59-60.
Applications: (US) Beech 34 Twin-Quad (four engines paired in two nacelles); Fairchild XNQ-1.

8cyl; SO-580; 350hp@3000rpm; 1955-1961; Wt = 578-596#; TC = 285 in c.1955.
AY60; J55-56toJ60-61; S; W47toW59-60.
Applications: (US) Cessna 308.

8cyl; VSO-580; 350hp@3000rpm; 1955-1961; Wt = 592#; TC = 285 in c.1955.
Military O-580-3.
J55-56toJ60-61; S; W56toW59-60.
Applications: (US) Doman LZ-4, LZ-5 (YH-31).

O-580(6) -- {5.319 / 4.375 / 583.3} / {135.1 / 111.1 / 9558}

Same bore and stroke as O-390, O-780.
Same stroke as O-360, O-540, O-541, O-720.

This six-cylinder engine design is totally different from the eight-cylinder O-580(8) series listed immediately above. The official Lycoming designation remains O-580 for both engines since there is no chronological overlap in their use.

The three models listed below have been reported, but only the first and third have received Type Certificates. A Textron Cessna press release (c.1998), entitled "Cessna announces engine change for 206/T206 Stationair program", states that the IO-580 and TIO-580 initially selected for 1998 production of the new 206H Stationair and T206H Turbo Stationair models, respectively, did not meet Cessna and Lycoming standards for service introduction. The engines for the 206H and T206H were replaced by Lycoming IO-540 and TIO-540 versions, respectively, when the aircraft went into production.

6cyl; IO-580; 300hp@2500rpm-315@2700; 1997-present; Wt = 434-444#; TC = E00004NY on 8/12/97.
A Lycoming-sponsored experimental version of this engine for air racing was introduced at the Reno, Nevada Air Races in September 2003 (see the press release on the Textron Website). This racing engine version has a fuel-control-injection system, advanced valve-train design, special cylinder-head design and racing pistons.
BGP; SA11/97, 11/03.
Applications: (US) Cessna 206H Stationair testing; Glasair III (Mike Jones' "Warp Speed Wanda" racer) [N510CM]; Super Commander 114,115 (STC conversions by Aerodyne Corp.).

6cyl; TIO-580; 310hp@N/Arpm; 1997; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
BGP; SA11/97.
Applications: (US) Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair testing.

6cyl; AEIO-580; 315hp@2700rpm; 1998-present; Wt = 446#; TC = E00004NY on 8/13/07.
Limited production of this version began as an non-certificated engine for experimental aircraft before certification was achieved.
J98-99to present; Textron Lycoming press release (7/31/98) entitled "Lycoming Introduces 320hp Aerobatic Engine".
Applications: (France) CAP 231 EX. (Germany) Extra 330.

O-720 -- {5.125 / 4.375 / 722.0} / {130.2 / 111.1 / 11,831}

Same bore and stroke as O-360, O-540, O-541.
Same bore as O-160, O-320, O-340, O-480.
Same stroke as O-390, O-580(6), O-780.

8cyl; IO-720; 375hp@2500rpm-400@2650; 1961-present; Wt = 557-580#; TC = 1E15 on 10/15/61.
J63-64to present; S; W62-63toW70.
Applications: (Australia) Transavia T-400 Skyfarmer. (Brazil) Neiva IPD-621A Universal II. (Canada) Dominion Skytrader 800 twin. (India) HAL HA-31 Mk II Basant agplane. (Italy-US) Aermacchi-Lockheed AL60-C5, AL60-F5. (New Zealand) NZ Aerospace (Fletcher) FU-24-950, -954 agplane. (Poland) PZL-160 Kruk agplane prototypes [SP-PAS, SP-PBG]. (UK) McAlpine Riley 400 (licensed conversion of deH Dove twin). (US) Excalibur Queen Air 800, 8800 (U-8F); Helio Courier 900; IMCO (later Aero Commander) B-1 agplane; Piper PA-24-400 Comanche, PA-36-375 Pawnee Brave 375. (Yugoslavia) UTVA-67 Privrednik agplane.

8cyl; TIO-720; 400hp@N/Arpm; 1968-1971; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Fred Weick, in his autobiography (FEW), said that Lycoming originally guaranteed 470hp for this engine, but expected approval for 500hp. The prototype Piper PA-35 had 400hp engines for its first flight in 3/68 and test flights indicated that 520hp was required for airline service. In 7/69, Lycoming told Piper that 520hp would be impossible to obtain and that redesign would be necessary to get 470hp. Development of both the PA-35 and TIO-720 ceased shortly thereafter.
FEW; J69-70toJ71-72; S; W70.
Applications: (Canada-Italy-US) Northwest Industries Ranger C6 (re-engined development of Aermacchi-Lockheed AL60-C5). (US) Caribe Doman D-10B; Piper PA-35 Pocono; Riley Rocket Power 414.

O-780 -- {5.319 / 4.375 / 777.7} / {135.1 / 111.1 / 12,744}

Same bore and stroke as O-390, O-580(6).
Same stroke as O-360, O-540, O-541, O-720.

Lycoming showed a prototype of this engine at the Reno, Nevada Air Races in September 2006. It completes the series of the four-cylinder O-390 and the six-cylinder O-580. The engine was mounted on an otherwise-uncompleted Sharp (Jon) Nemesis NXT racing aircraft fuselage for display purposes. Lycoming anticipates developing normally-aspirated and turbocharged versions for eventual production (KP1/07).

8cyl; IO-780-X, Thunderbolt 780; N/A hp@N/A rpm; 2006-present; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Applications: None found.

OL-1230 -- {5.25 / 4.75 / 1233.9} / {133.4 / 120.7 / 20,219}

Liquid-cooled, supercharged, geared engine developed for the Army between 1936 and 1941, along with the Continental OL-1430. The OL-1230 was later twinned as the H-2470 between 1939 and 1942 and flown in the Convair XP-54. The development of the OL-1230 has been discussed in the book by Schlaifer and Heron (S&H). Specific references can be found on pp. 75, 80, 281-283, and 297-302. The O-1230-1 was test flown in the Vultee XA-19A by Vultee, the USAAC, and Lycoming from 3/22/40 until 8/8/41. An article by Jonathan Thompson was published in AAHSW94 as "Vultee Engine-Test Aircraft in World War II". The XA-19A (USAAC Serial Number 38-555) is described along with photos of the O-1230-1 installation, a side view of the completed airplane, and one from its first flight.

12cyl; O-1230-1; 1000hp@3100rpm-1200@3400; 1936-1941; Wt = 1342#; TC = none.
Geared to 0.40; also offered (but probably not run) at 0.33, 0.50.
AAHSW94; AE12/72; Ae41; AMC; AY40; BGE; Fahey USAAF; J41toJ42; S; S&H.
Applications: (US) Vultee XA-19A (38-555) testbed.

Lycoming: Part 1 (to O-365)


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