Loughead-Stadlman (US)

Allen and Malcolm Loughead (name later changed to Lockheed) and their company, as re-organized in 1919, were located in Santa Barbara, California. Anthony Stadlman was factory superintendent and John K. Northrop was their engineer. Stadlman was responsible for the design and construction of the Loughead-Stadlman engine listed here, which was built for the Loughead single-seat, folding-wing, S-1 Sport Biplane (see CEG). The engine was re-discovered in storage in about 1970 (see PTG).

OL-93 -- {3.625 / 4.5 / 92.9} / {92.1 / 114.3 / 1522}

2cyl; XL-1; 25hp@1800rpm; 1919-1920; Wt = N/A; TC = none.
Liquid-cooled, dual-ignition engine.
Ae39 (incorrectly listed as "Longhead"); CEG; PTG.
Applications: (US) Loughead S-1 Sport Biplane.


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