Lafleur (France)

H. Lafleur of France developed a four-stroke cycle HOAE which had features of two-stroke cycle engines. Specifically, crankcase compression was used in the Lafleur engine to increase the charge pressure similar to techniques used in many two-stroke engines. The compiler has not found a date for this engine, but it is before 1939.

O-92 -- {4.173 / 3.346 / 91.6} / {106 / 85 / 1500}

2cyl; Lafleur; 70hp@3200-3500rpm; N/A; Wt = 120-130#.
Dual ignition engine; geared to N/A. The power rating seems large for this engine displacement. Moreover, the rated power was reported to be attainable up to an altitude of about 13,000 ft.
Applications: None found.


Updated 4/2/04