Kazan, KMPO (Russian Federation)

The Kazan Engine-Building Production Enterprise (KMPO) of Kazan, Russian Federation is the design bureau that has redesigned and extended development of the Voronezh (VOKBM) M-29 four-cylinder, two-stroke HOAE. Manufacture of the KMPO engines is being carried out at the VOKBM. Details of the KMPO engines can be found in Kotelnikov's book (VK).

O-49 (2-Stroke) -- {2.441 / 2.598 / 48.6} / {62 / 66 / 797}

Same stroke as O-66.

4cyl; Kazan P-800; 65hp@N/A rpm; 2000-2002; Wt = 106#.
Carbureted engine with single generator; geared to N/A from middle of the crankshaft; first demonstrated publicly at the MAKS-2001 Airshow at Zhukovskiy, Russian Federation.
J04-05to present; VK.
Applications: None found.

O-66 (2-Stroke) -- {2.835 / 2.598 / 65.6} / {72 / 66 / 1075}

Same stroke as O-49.

4cyl; Kazan P-1000; 80hp@N/A rpm; 2000-present; Wt = 121#.
Carbureted engine with two generators; geared to N/A from middle of the crankshaft.
J04-05to present; VK.
Applications: None found.


Motiv, TsIAM (Russian Federation)

The Motiv design bureau at the Central Aviation Motor-Building Institute (TsIAM) in the Russian Federation developed and bench tested, as a prototype only, a two-cylinder, two-stroke HOAE. The pistons, cylinder sleeves and connecting rods were from an Izh-Planeta-Sport motorcycle engine, as described in Kotelnikov's book (VK).

O-43 (2-Stroke) -- {2.835 / 3.386 / 42.7} / {72 / 86 / 700}

2cyl; Motiv DD-700/45R; 45hp@N/A rpm; 2000-2002; Wt = 110#.
Carbureted, direct-drive engine.
Applications: None found.


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