Samara, Kuibyshev, Trud, KKBM
(Russian Federation)

According to Jane's AWA up through J95-96, KKBM engines were built by the Kuibyshev Engine Design Bureau (KKBM), also known as Trud, located on the Samara River in Kuibyshev, Russian Federation. Kotelnikov (VK), however, calls this the Samara Machine-Building Design Bureau in his book, as do recent Jane's. Most of the Bureau's aircraft engines are large gas turbines, but they developed the low-powered, two-stroke cycle engines described here for remotely-piloted (RPV), also called Unmanned Aerial (UAV), vehicles under the direction of A. A. Ermakov from about 1982. Most of the information here is from Kotelnikov (VK).

O-17 (2-Stroke) -- {2.598 / 1.575 / 16.7} / {66 / 40 / 274}

2cyl; P-020; 20hp@7300rpm; 1983-1995; Wt = 20-22#.
Direct-drive engine based on investigation of contemporary Western engines, particularly the Limbach L 275 E, with which it shares both bore and stroke. About 73 are reported to have been built for short-lifetime UAV applications.
AI7/92; BGE; BGP; BGR; J90-91toJ92-93; VK.
Applications: (Russian Federation) System '60' UAV.

O-27 (2-Stroke) -- {2.835 / 2.126 / 26.8} / {72 / 54 / 440}

2cyl; P-032; 32hp@N/A rpm; 1984-1995; Wt = 28-29#.
Direct-drive engine built to power the System '61' UAV developed by the A. S. Yakovlev design bureau. [Please note that two P-032 engines were the basis for the P-065 UAV engine by combining them to create an H configuration, 4-cylinder engine. This engine was essentially comprised of two vertically-mounted P-032 engines, each driving a large cog gear which drove contra-rotating propeller shafts. The engine delivered 65hp for a weight of 120#, but difficulties with the gearing system caused the development to cease before satisfactory bench testing was achieved.]
AI7/92; BGR; J04-05to present; VK.
Applications: (Russian Federation) Moskit UAV; Pchela-1T pusher, ducted fan UAV (part of Stroy-P reconnaisance system); Yakovlev Shmel 1 UAV.

2cyl; P-032MR; 38hp@N/A rpm; 1985-1995; Wt = N/A.
Supercharged, geared version of P-032 built to power ultralights based on hang gliders. Details of supercharging and gearing is unknown to the Compiler.
Applications: None found.

2cyl; P-032-71; 23-33hp@N/A rpm; 1992; Wt = 55#.
Supercharged, geared version as P-032MR, but with the addition of a disconnecting clutch, so that the propeller could be stationary during start-up. Details of supercharging and gearing is unknown to the Compiler.
Applications: (Russian Federation) Bekas (System '71') UAV (planned installation).

2cyl; P-033; 38hp@N/A rpm; 1984-1995; Wt = N/A.
Version of P-032 capable of operation at a higher rpm; bench tested, at least.
Applications: None found.

2cyl; B-32; 32hp@N/A rpm; 1984-1995; Wt = N/A.
Version of P-032 developed for powered hang gliders with a longer service life than the original versions for UAV applications; bench tested, at least.
Applications: None found.

N/A (2-Stroke) -- {N/A / N/A / N/A} / {N/A / N/A / N/A}

2cyl; SB-039; 67hp@N/A rpm; 1988-1991; Wt = 165#.
Engine developed for a Kamov UAV helicopter application; bench and flight tested, but no further information.
Applications: (Russian Federation) Kamov UAV helicopter.


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