Jawa (Czechoslovakia)

Jawa has been an important motorcycle manufacturer in Tynec, Czech Republic since 1929. The company was founded by a well-known Czechoslovakian engineer and inventor, František Janecek (1878-1941), who had been manufacturing armaments for many years. He formed Jawa to build motorcycles, initially from the designs of the German Wanderer firm, hence the acronym Jawa from "Janecek Wanderer". The firm has built motorcycles, and some automobiles, continuously from 1929 to the present except for 1938 to 1945 when occupied and operated by Nazi Germany. The Jawa engine described below is their only attempt to build an aircraft engine. A brief outline of history of the Jawa firm can be found at this Website.

O-61 -- {3.307 / 3.543 / 60.9} / {84 / 90 / 998}

2cyl; Jawa; 35hp@4000rpm; 1934-1938; Wt = 86#.
Single-ignition engine with two carburetors; geared to 0.5 with the propeller driven from the camshaft.
Ae39; S.
Applications: None found.


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