JPX (France)

JPX engines are built by S.A.R.L. JPX of Vibraye, France. This firm began in 1970 as Ateliers JPX and took the current name in about 1991. Their four-stroke cycle engines were derived from VW auto engines. Information on their engine activities can be found on the JPX Website. Their engines are in two classes, two-stroke cycle engines for ultralights (both early 1980s PUL engines and current D engines), and four-stroke cycle engines for light aircraft. The D320 and D330 two-stroke cycle engines were listed (KP) as being available in the US until about 2005.

O-20 (2-Stroke) -- {2.677 / 1.732 / 19.5} / {68 / 44 / 320}

2cyl; D 320 DD, D320 R; 18hp@6500rpm with JPX muffler, 24@6500 with straight pipe exhaust; 1995-present; Wt = 20# for DD version - 34# for R version.
Single, electronic ignition; direct drive (DD), or geared to 0.420 (R). The R version has a starter and muffler along with the belt-drive reduction unit. There also is a D 160 single-cylinder version.
KP4/02, 12/02, 4/03.
Applications: (France) Noin (Alpaero) Exel. (US) Vintage Ultra & Lightplane Association Skypup.

2cyl; D 330 D, D330 R; 20hp@7000rpm with JPX muffler, 25@7000 with straight pipe exhaust; 30@7000 with tuned pipe exhaust; 2002-present; Wt = 18# for D version - 32# for R version.
Refined version of D 320 series with improved performance, lower weight and better starter and battery charging capabilities; direct drive (D), or geared to 0.357 (R). The R version has a starter and muffler along with the belt-drive reduction unit; tuned exhaust pipe available.
KP4/02, 4/03, 4/05.
Applications: (France) Michel Barry MB02 Souricette (Little Mouse); Noin (Alpaero) Exel.

O-26 (2-Stroke) -- {2.598 / 2.441 / 25.9} / {66 / 62 / 424}

2cyl; PUL 425; 22hp@4600rpm; 1981-1993; Wt = 32-37#.
Direct drive, or geared to 0.5. One of a series of PUL one-, two-, and three-cylinder engines of various configurations.
Brinks; J84-85toJ92-93.
Applications: (France) Michel Barry MB02 Souricette (Little Mouse); Moto-Delta G11.

O-125 -- {3.661 / 2.968 / 125.0} / {93 / 75.4 / 2049}

4cyl; JPX 4T60/A, 4T60/AES; 61hp@3140rpm, 65@3200 (TO); 1985-present; Wt = 159-161#.
Derived from a VW126A engine of smaller capacity; electronic ignition.
J85-86to present.
Applications: (France) Jodel D.18; Pottier P 30; Robin ATL Club; Michel Barry MB04 Souries-Bulle (Bubble Mouse).

O-142 -- {3.740 / 3.228 / 141.9} / {95 / 82 / 2325}

4cyl; JPX 4TX75/A, /M; 76hp@2900rpm, 82@3000 (TO); 1993-present; Wt = 165#, 157#.
Further development of O-125 with increased bore and stroke; dual magneto ignition; certified to JAR requirements.
J93-94to present; KP4/00, 4/01.
Applications: (Australia) Tomair Cobra Arrow; (France) Dyn'Aero (formerly Colomban) MCR 01 Ban-Bi (Lafayette in US), MCR 45 (Lafayette Revoloution in US); Aero Kuhlmann SCUB; Robin ATL Voyager; Sauper J.300 Series 3 Joker.

4cyl; JPX 4TX90B; 82hp@2900rpm, 90@3000 (TO); 1997-present; Wt = 165#, 157#.
Further performance increase with dual electronic ignition and dual carburetors.
J97-98to present; KP4/00, 4/01.
Applications: (France) Dyn'Aero (formerly Colomban) MCR 01 Ban-Bi.



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