I'm Fly'n (US)

I'm Fly'n engines are converted from Subaru automobile engines and were built and marketed by I'm Fly'n Manufacturing, LLC of Maricopa, Arizona. I'm Fly'n sold EA-81 conversions at one time, see Mike Kraus' Website, but they are not offering them at present on their I'm Fly'n Website. Kraus' information is reported below. Most Subaru conversions require reduction of propeller rpm from that of engine rpm; i.e., a Propeller Speed Reduction Unit (PSRU). Nothing has been found about the type of PSRU used on the I'm Fly'n conversions. All of these engines are non-certificated engines for use in experimental, homebuilt aircraft.

OL-109 - - {3.622 / 2.638 / 108.7} / {92 / 67 / 1782}

4cyl; EA-81; 106hp@N/A rpm; 1995-2000; Wt = 134#.
Liquid-cooled engine.
Mike Kraus' Website.
Applications: (US) Air Command gyroplanes; AirCreation trikes; Bandit gyroplanes; Cosmo trikes; SkyStar Kitfox (model unspecified).



Updated 1/26/05