Hiero (Austria-Hungary)

Hiero aircraft engines were designed by Otto Hieronimus, a famous Austrian auto racer in the early 1900s. His initial designs were liquid-cooled inline engines built by the Laurin & Klement Autombile Works of Austria. During WWI, highly-regarded Hiero engines of the same configuration were built under license by Essler, Warschalowski & Company of Vienna, Austria and other Central Power companies. Hieronimus also designed the HOAE below.

O-340 -- {5.512 / 7.087 / 338.2} / {140 / 180 / 5542}

2cyl; Hiero; 35-40hp@1400rpm; 1918; Wt = 176#.
Ae39; GH&S.
Applications: None found.


Updated 5/4/04