Herbrandson, D.H. Enterprises (US)

Herbrandson engines were built by D.H. Enterprises of Lawndale, California. This firm was operated by Dale Herbrandson, who developed the HOAE below for a US Government RPV program. The engine immediately attracted attention from ultralight homebuilders. The design was based on an existing Stihl (of Germany) single-cylinder chainsaw engine. The development of the Dyad 280 and its possibilities for production and ultralight use were described by Herbrandson in a detailed and very interesting article in SA8/76.

O-17 (2-Stroke) -- {2.598 / 1.614 / 17.1} / {66 / 41 / 281}

2cyl; Dyad 280; 20hp@6000rpm; 1975-1980; Wt = 12#; TC = none.
Single-, with choice of magneto or battery-powered capacitive-discharge, ignition, two-stroke cycle, direct-drive engine with a single carburetor.
Applications: None found.


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