Grob (Germany)

Grob engines were manufactured by Grob Aerospace of Tussenhausen-Mattsies, Germany. Grob Aerospace, in turn, is part of the international Grob Group. Their only engine, which is described below, was developed specifically for the Grob G 109B motorglider and is based upon a VW engine. There were very few details of this engine available to the compiler. Details of all Grob aircraft, which are continuing in development and production today, can be found on the Grob Website. The Type Certificate (TC) listed below as LBA refers to certification by the Luftfahrt Bundesamt (Federal Office of Civil Aviation), the German equivalent of the FAA in the US. Certification is to the European JAR requirements.

O-153 -- {N/A / N/A / 152.6} / {N/A / N/A / 2500}

4cyl; Grob 2500 E1, D1; 87hp@3000rpm, 95@3400 (TO); 1985-1990; Wt = N/A; LBA TC = 4601.
Single- or dual-ignition (E1 or D1, respectively) based on VW Transporter engine.
J85-86toJ89-90 (applications only); SA12/84.
Applications: (Germany) Grob G 109B motorglider (sold to UK as Vigilant T. Mk.1 military trainer).



Updated 1/24/07